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Secret Valentine Wishlist

Journal Entry: Wed Nov 28, 2018, 6:10 AM

Here is my wishlist for the Secret Valentine Event from my Discord!
I know it is early but I wanna make sure enough people have time to sigh up for the event, AND have enough time to draw their part ^-^

NOTE: When you draw either of my charactes, do please try draw them in a way that suits their personality! ^-^ 

1: Aria:  Just her - Aria by Shimmer5O and Nyah  Nyah, designed and drawn By Hyanna Natsu by Shimmer5O together or either one alone is fine too. More info Aria: & More info Nyah:

2: Udroid Character Sheet by Shimmer5O more information here:
3:  [Speedpaint] $10 (CLOSED) ADOPT AUCTION by Nita--Chanlittle arrogant, and tough looking, but nice. more information can be found here:
4:  heartdoll Design by Skeleowl by Shimmer5O more information can be found here:
5: [+Video] Adoptable - Pombon Auction (Closed) by Hyanna-Natsu my baby Numi, more information:
6: My vampire girl Tohru, all information and design can be found here:

For anyone interested to join, join my discord here:

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November 28, 2018


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