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Journal Entry: Thu Jan 26, 2017, 7:31 AM

Heay everyone! 

I am Shimmer, a self-taught artist who loves to draw cute and colorfull stuff, especially girls in cute clothes.
I draw in anime style since I was little, but got serious about art since april 2015.

What kind of job do you have in real life?
I have a job as a vet-assistant, but of course my dream is to be able to make a living from drawing one day.

How many times per week do you draw?
As many times as I can. Even after a long day of work I sometimes still draw or doodle \(^-^)/

Which social media's do you use?
I am mostly active here on Deviantart, but I also use Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Paigeeworld, Animo (app),Google Plus (Anikaku: Anime Artists), Instagram, Youtube and Picarto for streams ^-^

What size of canvas do you usually work on?
My canvas size is atleast 3000x3000 px or bigger. This might seem big but if I work on a canvas smaller then this, my drawings get pix-elated when I zoom in too much.

What tablet do you use?
When I first started digital art, I used "Wacom Intuos Manga Pen & Touch". This one isn't available any more. Since January this year I am working with a "Wacom Intuos Pro Pen & Touch Small"
I prefer the "Small" tablets, mostly because I learned digital art on a small tablet, but also because you don't have to make such long movements with your hand or arm.

What program do you use?
I used to use "Clip Studio Paint Pro" but recently upgraded it to "Clip Studio Paint Ex" and I love it. You have so many tools and can even do animations or use it to make manga's (comics) which I think is great. I did try other programs like "Paint Tool Sai" and "Medibang Paint" but I just keep going back to "CSP" and this will probably always be the program I'll be using.

Do you live-stream your art sometimes?
Yes I do! I only stream on Picarto.TV for now, but I do own a Twitch account as well. Might be that someday I'll use that for art streams as well.

When do you stream?
I never really know. I stream whenever I feel like it. But I always update a journal when I go online, or follow me on picarto to get a notification whenever I go online.

What recording/ streaming software do you use?
In the beginning I used OBS (a.k.a. Open Broadcaster Software) but recently i switched to OBS Studio.

Do you make speedpaints?
Yes! My youtube channel can be found on my Deviantart frontpage under "Welcome ♥" just click the button. Again I use OBS to record my speedpaints as well. It automatically saves my streams for me so I can make those in to speedpaints as well if I want.

What program do you use to put your speedpaints together?
To make my speedpaints I use "Camtasia Studio"

Do you have other social media's where you post art?
Yes I do. All social media's I use are on the front page of my Deviantart, just click the button ^-^ Any other website that has my art and/ or my name on there is most likely not me.

Can we draw your OC's?
Yes ofcourse! I love it when other people are willing to draw one of my babies! Just look in my gallery under the tab "OC" for reference and make sure you draw them in a way that fit their personality ^-^ 

Do you take commissions?
Yes I do, except when it says "closed"

Do you accept Art-trades?
Yes. But only when it says "Open" or when I make a journal about me looking for someone to art-trade with.

Do you take requests?
For now, no. When I just got active on DA I accepted so many requests that I still didn't finish all of them. My main priority is to finish those first before even considering opening requests again.

Sometimes. Whenever I hold a kiriban I will make a journal about it!

What brushes do you use?
That depends. There are a few standard CSP brushes that I use alot, like: Paint and Apply brush for blending and the Soft airbrush. But I also made a few brushes myself.
You can find my most used brushes here and download them for free if you'd like to use them yourself ^-^:
(PS: I sometimes like to use my lineart brush for celshading as well if I want harder shading)

Who inspires you the most?
Just look at my favorites or the front page of my DA under "Inspirations <3" and then "Senpais"

Do you think using a reference is wrong?
Using a reference is in my opinion NOT wrong at all, how else do you learn to draw something, right? Tracing on the other hand is absolutely wrong. It is basically taking someone else their art, changing the colors and then say it is all yours.
Also stealing (taking someone else their art, remove the watermark and then claim it as yours) is very very wrong, and can be hurtful to people. In order to make art, a lot of time has been put in to it and a lot of practice as well. So please
respect other people's art. If you really wanna be "as good" as a specific artist you love, then draw! Draw as much as you can, have fun! Look at reference, practice as much as you can and you WILL improve I promise!

Which artist had the most effect on your drawing style?
In the beginning when I just came to DA and still had to find new artist and inspirations I just drew what I thought looked nice. But ever since I found Hyanna-Natsu her page I fell completly in love with the "moe" style of anime! It is just too damn beautiful,
especially the way Hyann draws it! I am trying hard not to make my style look too similar to hers, I admire Hyann and her art a lot, but I want to try and find my own unique style too! I might stay close to the "moe" style still, but I hope to keep growing and developing
my own art "traits" as I go along ^-^.

What is important to know about art?
This is just my personal opinion, but I believe that the most important things is for people to know that art is not magic. In order to improve you have to believe in yourself, put time in practising and understanding art, understanding what makes it so good, where the shading goes, what impact your color choices have on the drawing and most of all, love what you do. I see alot of comments from people to both me as well as other artist: "I will never be able to draw like you" "You are amazing my art scks so much *CRI* *CRI*" or "WHY CAN'T I DRAW LIKE YOU?" but honestly it is really simple. Most artist that we call "Amazing" are people who litterly spent years improving their art and understanding how to draw/ paint/ color different scenes and light sorces. They use both real life references as art references to improve their own art. So please. If you really want to improve and if you really are that passionate about your art, then put time and practise in it, and have fun while doing so, and you WILL improve <3

If you have any other questions just ask them below and I will add them to this journal ^-^ 

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Cuddlepug Featured By Owner Jan 26, 2017
It is interesting to learn more about your creative process, Mel :'3
Shimmer5O Featured By Owner Jan 26, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
haha thanks, must have been the most boring think you ever read XD
Cuddlepug Featured By Owner Jan 26, 2017
I've read academic papers about slug mucus :'3
Shimmer5O Featured By Owner Jan 26, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
oh xD haha
Cuddlepug Featured By Owner Jan 26, 2017
It's always interesting hearing how individual artists bring their art to life. I am a big supporter of your work and I liked reading about your tablet choice and how it changed during the course of your career so far :@)
Shimmer5O Featured By Owner Jan 26, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
ahh yess, thank you so much Alex <33
Yanie-Twirl Featured By Owner Jan 26, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I might do the same thing c:
Shimmer5O Featured By Owner Jan 26, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Do it \o/ <3
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