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Hello! I’m Shimmer Shy! I’m just your average, socially-anxious high school student who draws fanart way too much.

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I'm a self-taught artist who originally gained an interest in art from My Little Pony, imitating the show's style at first, which then inspired me to develop my own art style from there. (You can find find my old, cringey MLP drawings made on bases if you scroll down far enough in my gallery, ha haaaa- *Internal screaming*) I don't draw much MLP fanart anymore because as soon as I found out about Undertale, my interests did a full 180 and now I enjoy drawing kids with knives instead. =)

My main fandoms are Undertale and Deltarune, but I also love The Dragon Prince and Steven Universe! You'll see a variety of both fanart and original art on this account, but most of my stuff is Undertale-related at the moment. ♡ I’m a digital artist for the most part because drawing without an undo button is F R U S T R A T I N G, but I still do traditional art on occasion. I’m also hoping to get into animation at some point because I want to become a professional animator in the future! I love to write as well, yet I have an eternal writer's block brought about by crippling self doubt and perfectionism. *Sad sigh* I just want to write angsty fanfiction of my favorite fictional characters without thinking it sounds cringey. Is that too much to aSK, BRAIN?

Anyway, that's pretty much all you need to know about me. I'm obsessed with Chara and platonic Charisk specifically right now, so don't be surprised if you see a lot of that lol. I hope you like my art!

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Here's my Carrd if you want to learn more about me, I guess. I literally just found out this was a thing so I wanted to make one:

Here's my linktree with all my other social media accounts!

Also, if anyone wants to chat or something, I have a Discord! Shimmer Shy#6607

(Please talk to me I'm lonely lol.)

I also have a FanFiction Account!…

And an FimFiction Account!…

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Nice to meet you! Temmie Emoticon Icon Gif 2 - Undertale

Favourite Visual Artist
AbsoluteDream, TC-96, Channydraws, KnightA3, Falmakez-Art ... These people are on Deviantart! Go check them out!
Favourite Movies
Big Hero 6 (I! LOVE! THIS! MOVIE!), Megamind, Coco, Neverland, Astro Boy
Favourite TV Shows
The Dragon Prince (MY FAVORITE! Please check it out on Netflix if you haven't.), Glitch Techs (Netflix Original), Avatar: The Last Airbender, The Owl House, Doctor Who, Steven Universe, My Little Pony
Favourite Bands / Musical Artists
Twenty One Pilots, The Hoosiers, Rise Against, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Set It Off, Starset, Fall Out Boy, Toby Fox (The Undertale Soundtrack ROCKS! XD)
Favourite Books
ASSUMING FANFICS DON'T COUNT (XD): Magisterium Series (SUPER obsessed with it XD), The Mirror's Tale, The False Prince, The Runaway King, The Shadow Throne, The Giver, Lockwood And Co. Series
Favourite Writers
Holly Black, Casandra Clare, Rebecca Stead, Jennifer A. Nielson
Favourite Games
Undertale, Deltarune, OneShot, Celeste, Minecraft, Escaped Chasm
Favourite Gaming Platform
PS4 or PC
Tools of the Trade
AKjhkadsh I don't know what this means-
Other Interests
Drawing, Animating (Attempting to, anyway), Writing, Singing, Listening to music ALL THE TIME

Welcome! (Wish I could put this at the top-)

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Hello there! Welcome to my page!

If you give a llama, you'll get one back! ^^

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Profile picture by: @DesDrawsDesDraws

By the way, commission info can be found here:

Commission Journal

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Undertale's 5th Birthday Art! (Lining)

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Fluffy Clap Friends! Fluffy Clap

(Please go check out these awesome people! >:3)

EleonorVonCarter 2Creeper41-Games Clobertina ElectroSkull64ZuzuSky21 Mel17641 fluffysam1212 ChibiNoSekaicringecompilation CuteCookieCrumbles

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Rainbow heart Keep being awesome, people. Thanks for visiting my profile! Rainbow heart

HAPPY 5th BIRTHDAY UNDERTALE!!! <3 I haven't finished my anniversary art yet, but I'm going to try to finish it before the end of the day. I still have schoolwork so I don't know if I'll be able to, but I'm SURE AS HECK GONNA TRY!
Just submitted a school assignment that I procrastinated on all day literally one second before it was due. It's only the third day of school and I'm already pushing the limits of what I can get away with lol--- But oh my gosh I can't believe I was
AAAAH I have finished my first day of online school and OH BOY that was a lot. It's just because it's the first day and a whole lot of syllabuses and instructional videos were dumped onto me, and there was A LOT of confusion, but I'm really hoping I

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