Johto App: Tessa Monroe
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Name: Tessa Blanchette Monroe
Age: 19
Height/Weight: 5'3" 115 lbs
Hometown/Region: Blackthorn City, Johto
Military Faction: Army
Extra items:
Leather Bracelet: She wears it on her left wrist. It has a handy clip for the key to her pokeball
Spare needle and thread: Of course, to either patch up clothes or modify them since she's rather experienced with them.
Old brass Zippo: It's rather scuffed up and in need of repairs, but it was her dad's in the last war. She keeps it in her pocket as a good luck charm. She wants to get it fixed, but that's a back-burner priority.

The youngest of three sisters, Tessa is a free spirited young woman with a slightly rebellious attitude, especially when someone tells her that something is impossible or too much for her to do. Tempered from multiple dares as a child, she has a thick streak of courage in her, though at times it would appear to almost be recklessness. Despite this, she is well aware of her limitations.
She's not perfect though. Tessa has a hard time hiding it when she's annoyed with someone. She also gets depressed when she fails to achieve what she wants or to live up to expectations.
She also hates to be seen without her hat. She even wears a nightcap when she sleeps. Even her own family members have rarely ever seen her without a hat of some sort.

Tessa Monroe is the youngest of three sisters, raised by her mother and father who married not too long after the last war. Having lost his left leg in the war, her father manages the upkeep and finances of the family tailor shop while Tessa and her sisters helped their mother with creating and modifying the clothes.
Always one to want to be in the spotlight, Tessa didn't mind it much when her sisters dared her to do reckless things to try to get her out of their hair. She often got in to trouble, but she always did her best to make up for it and try to find new ways not to get caught...er, improve her behavior.
Before the war started, Tessa was the only one left of her sisters helping her mother out full time with the shop. They both have recently gotten married and had their first sons, but they come in to help when they can. When the war started, Tessa signed up right away to protect her little nephews, along with the rest of her family. The fact that Blackthorn is one of the closest towns to the border made her decision clear.
She tried to get away with modifying her uniform when she signed up, but was immediately scolded due to the impracticality of detached sleeves.


Drake | Gible | Jolly Nature | Ability: Sand Veil |Gender: Male

Pokemon bio / personality:
Drake is a jolly little Gible, but he's still a bit oblivious to what is acceptable and helpful behavior. He's not particularly mean or cruel, but due to his immense strength he can be annoyingly destructive when he gets really enthusiastic or bored. He's trying his best to adjust though!

For some reason, he seems to have a bit of a soft spot of Tessa, but it's more of a bother than a help since he has a habit of knocking her over when he jumps on her or stealing her hat when he tries to get her to chase him.
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