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    Shimeji 1.0.13 - Projectiles! by KilkakonOfficial           How do Cachomon Commissions work?Hello everyone :heart:
A lot of people has been asking this over the months, and lately I am receiving questions about it almost every day so I decided to make this Journal.
First of all, have in mind I am NOT in a stable moment of my life. I just finished university few months ago, I am looking for a worth it job, I am also waiting for the best moment to move from home, saving from Patreon and Commissions to be able to move, blah blah blah. This means my mental state is not 100%, my time is not 100%, my wellbeing overall is not 100%, my depression is sometimes going over nine thousand, and in conclusion my wish to draw is not always 100% if at all.
With this said, I prior my drawing time and will to those who are supporting me on Patreon; they donate every month for me to keep trying after all. So this is why there is a sofisticated system of SLOTS.
First of all contact me via Note and tell me two thin

Download it and have a try!         Get your own character!

    Code Commissions:                  Shimeji Commissions:
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      Note :iconkilkakonofficial:                                Note :iconcachomon:

:star:All the information you need of Code and Skins Commissions is in the right picture!
Prices, payment methods, and other informations! :star:

Gallery Folders

Shimeji Commissions' Sheet Extended by Cachomon
Shimeji New Versions
Shimeji 1.0.13 - Projectiles! by KilkakonOfficial
Shimeji 1.0.12 - Scaling and Transformation! by KilkakonOfficial
Shimeji 1.0.11 - Luxury Custom Menu! by KilkakonOfficial
Shimeji 1.0.10 - In Your Language! by KilkakonOfficial
Shimeji Tutorials and Help
How to make SHIMEJI work no matter what [TUTORIAL] by Cachomon
:Shimeji Tut1: by Fierying
Shimeji for Android by Kayote
Shimeji - How to Download and Use by KilkakonOfficial
Pokemon, Fakemon and FC Pokemon
Ditto Shimeji [D/L] [+shiny] by Cachomon
Sylveon Shimeji +FREE+ All Links [SFW,NSFW-,NSFW+] by Cachomon
[DL] East Gastrodon Shimeji by goodboyslugman
Gengar Shimeji [+shiny] [+NSFW] by VonKellcsiis
Digimon, Fakemon and FC Digimon
Yumon Shimeji -FREE- by Foxymon
Stryder the Veemon Shimeji Extension +FREE+ by Cachomon
Tetsumon Shimeji +FREE+ by Cachomon
Gatomon Shimeji by SparkusThunderbolt
Mae Borowski Shimeji (Night in the Woods) by DarkRave66679
Leonora the lioness cub Shimeji [D/L] by Cachomon
Nala Cub Shimeji [D/L WHEN PAID] by Cachomon
Goodjobpenguin by goodjobpenguin
Closed Species Shimeji
Snappy the Gastrosnap Shimeji +FREE+ by Cachomon
My Little Pony and FC Ponies
Isabella the Pony Shimeji [D/L] by Cachomon
Chloe the Pony Shimeji by Cachomon
[Shimeji] Luci The Pony (+DL) by TwilightPowerBases
Mochi Sweetheart Shimeji +FREE+ by Cachomon
OC - Original Characters
Sirath Shimeji | COMMISSION by VonKellcsiis
Glitch-kun the little Virus (Shimeji) by Co0kie-Cat
Clockwise Shimeji by UnknownSpy
Retoast Shimeji by UnknownSpy
Humans and Humanoids -non OC-
Alipheese Fateburn XVI Shimeji [D/L SFW EXCLUSIVE] by Cachomon
2B Shimeji (NieR: Automata) by Wyta-Wolf
[DL] Piccolo Shimeji by goodboyslugman
Princess Koopa / Bowsette Shimeji! by MagischeMiria
Other Characters
Bread Shimeji by EdenTheKitten
Mac Shimeji
Killua Shimeji by killkku
Auctions, Contests, Raffles, Offers, etc
[RAFFLE] YCH Lion Cub Shimeji [CLOSED] by Cachomon
WIP Shimeji - write WIP in title please
Eevee Shimeji - Jumping [WIP Shimeji] by Cachomon
NSFW Shimeji

Mature Content

Snow Shimeji [Cut/Uncut] [NSFW-] | COMMISSION by VonKellcsiis




:star: Welcome to Shimeji Desktop Pets group!:star:

:iconshimejidesktoppets: :iconshimejidesktoppets: :iconshimejidesktoppets: :iconshimejidesktoppets: :iconshimejidesktoppets: :iconshimejidesktoppets:

:star: What is this Group about?

In this Group you will be able to search, download and share your own shimejis with everyone!

:star: What is a Shimeji?

A little program which has the appearance of any character you wish. The character will be running around your screen and will interact with you.

:star: How to Join

Press the Join our Group button and you will be automatically accepted!

:star: Submitting Rules:

  • You are able to submit Downloadable Shimeji
  • You are able to submit Non-downloadable Shimeji (but the picture must be a whole preview)
  • Remember to choose the correct folder, please!

:star: About Shimeji Versions

:iconkilkakonofficial: will work in an English Version that allows changes in the coding. So you can download the versions for free, try them and of course tell him what to improve! If you see a bug, you should tell him too! The thing is to make the perfect Shimeji Version for all of you!

:star: Useful Links:






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cccviper653 Featured By Owner Jun 24, 2019  Student Digital Artist
I only discovered these amazing things yesterday, yet apparently they've existed way back in windows xp :v You guys need to advertise or something lol. So many people are missing out.
Music-Lover09 Featured By Owner Jun 22, 2019  Student Artist
you guys probably dont know this game but is there a colin shimeji from changed?
Yeller1999 Featured By Owner May 17, 2019
Hello I discovered Shimeji earlier today and I gotta say it's awesome and I have had a lot of fun with it but there are some characters I have been looking for but didn't find and was wondering if maybe I missed them or if they don't exist if maybe someone could make them? The characters are Charizard, Eeyore, and Twilight Sparkle.
where can i get a gardevoir shimeji?
Cachomon Featured By Owner May 1, 2019  Professional Filmographer
I know there IS one, but dunno if the artist is in dA.
The one I know is for chrome, stolen by the Shimejixyz team -w- i won't link that because I absolutely NOT support them.
But you can easily google it and with the artist name they say there, to try to find the original.
ZeroRiolu Featured By Owner Mar 4, 2019
hey, were i can get a Sonic.exe Shimeji?
Cachomon Featured By Owner Mar 26, 2019  Professional Filmographer
Just try to google it xD like this one: 
Sonic The Hedgehog Shimeji by Gigi-D

There are lots of Sonic Shimeji
Blackmoonrose13 Featured By Owner Jan 24, 2019  Professional Digital Artist
Is there a way to do more than one type of shimeji with this program or is it a one at a time deal?

Cachomon Featured By Owner Jan 24, 2019  Professional Filmographer
You can yes :3 and is pretty easy~ is just to know what are you touching. I could do a tutorial of that I guess C: but well, will try to do a text step by step so you can follow it.

1) First of all choose ONE of your shimejis. You will use that as base. Make sure the jar is updated and such~

2) Go to the Conf folder and CUT from there the 2 files called: actions.xml and behaviour.xml.

3) Go to the img folder, then enter into the images folder (usually called either "shimeji" or like the character you are using). Here, create a new folder called "conf" and PASTE the 2 files you have cut in the step 2.

4) It's time to choose your next Shimeji. Once you know which, do the step 2 for that shimeji. So look for their actions+behaviour.xml and paste them in the images folder, creating a new folder called conf as well (just in case wasn't clear in the step 3, the folder that has ALL the frames).

5) Now get this folder that contains the images and paste it in the BASE shimeji. Where? Where that other shimeji has the images folders (make sure the names are different before pasting). You will get this: as you can see here, I have 3 shimeji in the same shimeji. And each of them has their conf folder as you can see here:

Summing up, you just have to paste the folder that contains the frames into a base shimeji. But each of those folders will MUST contain a new conf folder with their own actions.xml and behaviour.xml.
xXDillon3Xx Featured By Owner Jan 18, 2019
Trying to find a sprite-based Sonic Shimeji. Can anyone help my search for the blue blur?
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