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hot and smexi hot and smexi hot and smexi hot and smexi hot and smexi hot and smexi hot and smexi hot and smexi hot and smexi hot and s...

Oh boy, let's start with the linework. It's not the best and could use some work because it goes into eachother alot. I'd suggest not t...

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Beach Trip! (Read The Description.)
Here's a cute little drawing that took about two hours.. based off of Aho-Girl Beach Trip, The Great Honeybear Cruise and Study Partners: Summer Vacation. I know it's not summer yet for those who are living where I am, but, it sure is a cute drawing! 

Discussing the Hiatuses:

I've been on 3 different hiatuses and two of them are still going. I can't keep up to date with DeviantArt or Sketch and I've been debating whether or not I should just announce the accounts are inactive and discontinued. The only place I'm active on is YouTube and well my content on there isn't as high quality as my DeviantArt (I've tried to make my DA exclusively high quality content recently) and you bet I have been making high quality content. I just haven't had motivation to post on any of these accounts, and, I'm sincerely sorry for being extremely inactive. 

I have been extremely busy with school and most of my free time is either spent drawing, watching videos, or doing homework. Life has been really difficult especially struggling with other conflicting things and not all of my freetime is spent on DA (Can you imagine that? A kid that has stuff to do outside of the internet?)

Well, here's my YouTube. I rarely post high quality drawings or speedpaints and mostly focus on animations that probably will never be as high quality as my finished art pieces that I slave over.…

TL;DR: I haven't been active on most of my accounts and I urge you to follow my YouTube which is more active.
It Stings...
My Sketch account (I'm much more active on here!):…

So, what's happening is, Liana is reaching to the thing in front of her, which happens to be an intergalactic portal (This is in an AU, where, to basically sum it up, Chase loses Liana to a science project that Romana was working on, and he blames himself fully and gets Romana to teach him everything to get her back. Because once he notices how 'blue' his life was after he lost her, he regrets ever messing with time himself. He eventually does get her back, but with a little help. More on that later... I might make a journal with the story if you want me to. Let me know!) and there's a flashing bright blue light from the portal (there's lightning in it, along with blue miscellaneous portal liquids. It's made pretty clear she's reaching to see if Chase will pull her back through. Honestly, I don't know where Liana would be in that portal, but I feel like making a world she comes in. Maybe she'll go back to the past and be one of the rebels in Romana's renegade squad that overthrew the government? (Again, more on that later.) Time travel IS pretty neat! 

Anyways, less about the drawing, I'm doing pretty fine. I've been drawing vents less and less, and I'm pretty content! :)

2018 Shimatheglaceon
Drawn 11/5/2018
You may not use my artwork for anything whatsoever unless I allow you to.
Pocky Fight!
My sketch account (I'm much more active on here!):…

I've been making a LOT of vents lately. I haven't been feeling too well, and something pretty bad happened to me recently. I haven't been posting these vents because I felt like I might've been attention seeking. But less about that, this is a happy drawing! I really have been drawing sad things, a lot, so one day when I was feeling extra sad, I decided to boot up some cutesy music and draw something happy for the first time in a while. I was eating Pockys at the time, and I thought ''What if you could use these as little swords?''. I haven't been drawing the ORAM universe characters recently, so wouldn't it be cute if I drew them all having a fight with Pockys? Atlas is reaching for the box so he can defend himself, Romana seems to not want anything to do with it, and Ray and Mew are in a full-blown Pocky war! 

2018 Shimatheglaceon
Drawn 11/5/2018
You may not use my artwork for anything whatsoever unless I allow you to.
Koi No Megalover
Inspired by this guitar cover:…
Also inspired by this awesome show:
My sketch account (I'm much more active on here!):…

TL;DR: I have a sub-par art program, and I'm kind of jealous of people who use professional programs.

After two hours of sleep depriving myself, it's finally done! While drawing this, I was watching LavenderTowne draw things, and I realized how bad of an art program I had. I use the drawing app on Sony Sketch (Go follow me I'm really active on there) and, while a bit more advanced, it's a bit like DA Muro in a sense that it's an art program built into an art sharing website. There is no option to add a border around one of your layers, you don't get many exciting brush options (It's just the standard ones like Pen, Pencil, Marker, etc.) and some of the ones you do get are just weird, like the one that makes leaves or perfect hearts.) You can't select things and move them around (You technically can but they'll always be on a different layer) and you can't make it so that when you're drawing in a layer underneath, you only draw within the borders. That's why a lot of my artwork has problems. I know the program isn't to blame for this, I've been using it for almost a year now and it's been doing me just fine, it just makes me think that a lot of artists who use sophisticated programs get much nicer outcomes. I wish I had the money for things like photoshop, but, to be honest, that stuff is too complicated to understand in the first place. I'm sure nobody read my long ramble, but, I'm uploading this stuff!

2018 Shimatheglaceon
Drawn 11/5/2018
You may not use my artwork for anything whatsoever unless I allow you to.

Gosh I sound so serious here, if I just say skeet skeet will people recognize me as my wild crazy nut-job self? Big bad wolf GIF Commision  



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Full color head commission
Just a head commission. Tryna keep prices low since I have no money and trying to get some.


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