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Spock Leonard Nimoy

I am such a dork!
but I just love Leonard Nimoy
he has a great face to draw.
Not a bad likeness if I do say so myself. Just dont look at the BG... its shamefull!!! :(
Hope there are some trekkies who will like this! ^_^
art (c) Me
Leonard Nimoy (c) Leonard Nimoy I think ^_^
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© 2009 - 2022 shilohs
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he was my first hero. I was watching the series as a baby and I learned to love the stars. You catch the human soul of the vulcan in this picture, well done.
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Rest in peace, Nimoy. May you live long and prosper. Cry Simba 
Bres-Photos's avatar
AMAZING!!! Or should I say... Fascinating.
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omg!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ♥w♥
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SPOCK! This picture is gorgeous — well painted and accurate, not to mention awesome subject matter. ; )
toulon2342's avatar
Excellent representation. And it is only logical that the background be understated.
bloodwolf23's avatar
eeeeeeeeeee!!! I Luv I luv! <3 <3 <3 hes the best spock eva! awesome job!
orchdork22's avatar
star trek makes a come back haha, very good
Phoenix-Cry's avatar
This is pure win!
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This is a brilliant likeness Lotti - very well done :clap:
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Why thankyou my dear :)
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nice work ^^ he has awsome eyebrows :)
i just showed it to my brother and he said it was awsome xD
shilohs's avatar
hahhah yeh I love his eyebrows lol!
awsome thanks! ^_^ is he a trekkie?
Jelly-Been's avatar
i think so... but my dad is xD
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nice work, good likeness too, is that the sea behind him?
shilohs's avatar
heheh no, its warp speed stars lol! OH why do my BG's suck haha! I need to find some tutorials or somthing!
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oh right, maybe cos it's so dark it's hard to tell
Queenofdragins's avatar

ZOMG................YOU TOTALLY ROCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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:glomp: Thanks soo much hun! :) your so cute! ^_^
Queenofdragins's avatar
Youre very awesome!!!!!and your every welcome!!!:O :O

*sheepish smile*thanks!!!:3 :3 :3
Hallies-Comet's avatar
Now THAT right there is bringing sexy back.

Don't worry, Im in love with Spock as well <3
shilohs's avatar
AWSOME! ^_^ :glomp:
Thanks vereh much!
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