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Thanks for the Memories

I had to. A great man who has influenced childhoods for millions has passed, so I had to do something for his memory :tears:

Mario, Link, Kirby, and Pikachu are all shedding tears for him, while walking forward and staying positive.'s not the end. It may not be the same without him, but it's not over. He'd want us to keep having fun with the games he made, to keep playing.

This is also a shout out to some of the games I've played that he has worked on, including Smash Bros. Many happy childhood memories were made through his leadership, and there will be more.

Thank you, Mr. Iwata :pray: May God rest your soul.

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Nintendo just isn't the same without him. I hope he is having a peaceful afterlife though.
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Yeah. I still get bummed about it occasionally...

Thanks for the favorite! :)
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I might be about a year and a half late, but I have to say this is a very touching tribute to Iwata.
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Thank you :aww: It's never too late :)
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You're welcome.
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Iwata may be gone in flesh and blood, but as hokey as this might sound, his spirit still lives on through all the games he's worked on over the years.
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Yep, that's true.
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May Mr. Iwata rest in peace. :pray:
Q.E.P.D. iwatta san......
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Yet another memorable person who's started such great success in life taken away from us :no: Here's a song that would go just perfectly for him :(…
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Darn it...I thought I was done crying :tears:
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I'm sorry :( I didn't mean to make you cry again :cling: I just thought it was a good song was all.
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I found out about this earlier on Facebook. It's sad. Also makes me wonder about Nintendo's future.
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Me, too. We'll have to see what happens...
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Yeah... at least they still got Miyamoto?
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The feelz :"F
They're too strong =n=
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