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Golden Witch vs Purifier

"And now for something completely different..."

"What is this? A new face?" Beatrice thought aloud as a silhouette walked closer into her view. As the shadowed figure grew near, it revealed itself to be a young man wearing a baseball uniform, holding a bat over his shoulder. Floating behind him were three glowing rings.
"It's not very often that those such as yourself manage to crawl into my domain. Tell me your name," Beatrice grinned.
"I am the Batter. I am on a sacred mission," the man replied in a stoic tone. Beatrice found herself highly intrigued; not only was this man not a sorcerer, but he hid his emotions surprisingly well. She wasn't even sure if he was human.
"You are the Batter, you say?" the witch repeated.
"I see. I am the Golden Witch Beatrice, and I'm curious as to the means of accomplishment with this...sacred mission of yours."
"I must purify the world."
The witch smirked...and then chuckled. Purifying an entire world sounded ridiculous. What's more, The Batter, who didn't even flinch, was serious.
"Very interesting. Then have you come to purify me, as well?" Beatrice asked.
"If you are a corrupt being, then yes."
Beatrice paused, and then laughed out loud. It was as if someone just told her a very funny joke. Batter just stared at her, his blank face unchanged.
"But my dear Batter, to purify me would be to deny me. Can one such as yourself deny me, the Golden and Endless Witch?!"
With those words, a flurry of golden butterflies appeared around her, emanating an immensely evil presence.
"You insane, evil being of darkness," the Batter commented.
"It's been several hundred years since the last time I was this excited about a new toy!" Beatrice grinned psychotically. "Well, then! Come and try, Batter! Try to deny me!! Try to purify me!!! HAHAHA!!"
The Batter knew he was in for a very tough battle, but he wasn't intimidated by the witch's power in the slightest. His mission was too important for him to run. His Add-Ons behind him, the Batter readied his bat and said in his unfazed, stoic tone,
"Purification in Progress..."


I know that scenario stinks, so you're more than welcome to think of your own with this picture ^^;
I thought I'd take a break from Astral Cross and do something different for a change of pace. The woman is Beatrice from the VN/manga/anime, Umineko no Naku Koro Ni (one of my favorite characters of all time), and the baseball player is the Batter from the French RPG OFF (who is becoming one of my favorites :)). This is my first time drawing the two, so I hope they look OK. Without spoiling anything, I'll say a tidbit about each...

Beatrice is the Golden Endless Witch, a very powerful witch who has lived for over 1000 years. She can be majestic and composed like a queen, but also extremely cruel, ruthless, and psychotic who murders for fun. She is this way because she hates being bored and is very childlike, seeing humans as toys.

The Batter is the "player character", who was assigned to purify the world. He is very enigmatic and will stop at nothing to make sure his mission is accomplished, and will not be distracted by his own opinions or emotions.

The random idea of this random crossover actually came to me Halloween night; I wanted to do a picture of Beatrice, but didn't know how to depict her. Then, after watching some Let's Plays, I thought of putting the Batter in to "face" her. It doesn't look it, especially of you're unfamiliar with both characters, but these two are more alike than they let on, or what is first seen...which is why I like them so much!
One more thing, both of their franchises have amazing music! I recommend at least a quick look at them both.

Beatrice (c) Ryukishi07
The Batter (c) MortisGhost
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I'm glad you're not one of those people who draws him with four eyes

That shit drives me mad lol
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Yeah, I'm not fond of the 'four eyes' theory, myself. I always saw the Batter as more "human-like".
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Yeah. on his portrait he's obviously got his eyes closed in a snooty manner. Other people think the second set of "eyes" is actually athlete's grease. Clearly no one has ever heard of 'eyebrows'.