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Adventure Time: Lemon Camel Plush

I think this camel is way less sane than it lets on. It's been living with Lemongrab, and now lives with two of them.

Commissioning these for £91, £120 for a little Lemongrab to go on top!
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make the lamonbrab =D
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Lady Rainicorn or Monochromeicorn next PLEASE!!! :D
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I might make Lady, Jake and their Puppy/ Rainicorn babies <3
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OMG YES. But how will you know what they look like?
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I'll design little puppies with LR's colouring, and baby rainicorns with Jake's colouring :J
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Awesome! I can tell you put a lot of effort into it, especially with that mouth. I think you should try the Lemon Pegasus, you seem to have the skills to make it :D!
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It was so much fun to make <3
I totally will, I've been thinking about making that one soon actually. Along with two Lemongrabs and everything ;) Thanks for your support! :heart:
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This is absolutely AMAZING. Lemongrab is my favourite adventure time character, and this completely blew my mind XD

Looks fantastic! Great job!
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Thank you so much! :heart: I'm glad you like it, I made this as a birthday present for my best friend.
Oh man me too, LG, Tree Trunks and Finn for me :J
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