At the same price, would you prefer a 20"x30" wall scroll or poster?
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Poster (more fragile, but amazing visual quality)
wall scroll (easier to reuse/transport, less chance of damage, but less detailed art)
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Published: July 22, 2015
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Username-91Hobbyist Filmographer
Poster, because it offers an exceptional quality.
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byDaCzStudent General Artist
I prefer the poster becouse of quality, but...

I saw that shipping cost was 17$ Worlwide and was wondering if you will come to Spain someday and I can buy it physical.
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Otaku-MomHobbyist Traditional Artist
I have lots of posters, both store bought and home made, and 5 wall scrolls, and frankly a like them all. I guess it would depend on the price, and just HOW bad the quality of the scroll was. If it's mostly the same, I think the scroll would be good.
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Maybe I'm biased because I've never owned a wall scroll, but I like posters better.
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AureliaVelProfessional General Artist
Poster, because although it maybe fragile you can always frame it. The risk is the same when you're transporting it regardless. What you do to prevent that is the difference. So I choose to have amazing visual quality for better enjoyment. :)
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I always prefer wall-scrolls, easier to move around, and it doesn't miss to many fine details.
A poster I would always frame, every poster I've had is otherwise way too hard to put up, and looks a bit bad (needs to be flattened)
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how about it as a wall carpet?  prolly cost more  than the wallpaper or poster tho.
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sshuoo Digital Artist
I want to say wall scroll because it'll have less chance of damage but I love the extra details, even if I have to take the risk, I must stick with poster >///<
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StrongButGentleHobbyist Traditional Artist
Having two beautiful wall scrolls in my room (one I got for Christmas, the other I got from a Chinese restaurant lol), I don't think a wall scroll would take away from your art quality, if it's your art :)
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Zerochan923600Professional Digital Artist
i think your art deserves the high definition of a poster, and it's not hard to get a frame to hang it, which will also protect the poster. 20x30 isn't all that big to be honest, it's big but not unmanageable. still, if the scroll looked nice enough i would probably buy that on a whim over a poster just cuz of the novelty.
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for the clueless.... what is a wall scroll?
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It's like a poster, only it's generally made out of thin cloth. They are used a lot for anime posters.…
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ah, I've got something similar except that its not made of thin cloth...  more like the material used in carpets.

unfortunately, my parents used it as a carpet and my dog who was a puppy at the time chewed the corners of it.

its of a peacock @ 40x30 or 50x30 something like that.
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PlagueyHobbyist Digital Artist
If it was your art, I would want it on a print. Nothing against wall scrolls, but the quality your art has can only be displayed on something of equal quality ;w; 
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It heavily depends on the picture, but I think the wall scroll would be cool! I see that less often and I feel like it would be a better investment since it's a little more sturdy.

Your art is so detailed and painted though I'm not sure how it would look on a wall scroll.  So because of that, a poster might be better!
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takaai1Hobbyist Photographer
like wall scroll. :D
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Ooh, that's a toughie.
I pick wall scroll, as though they're not as crisp and often stink, it's something different, and easier to display/hang.
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MiruaeHobbyist Digital Artist
Poster! Unless you have a need to move and transport it or you like rearranging your posters/room often, I imagine the risk of damage is minimal. I's going to be on a wall, isn't it? * V * );;
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Frames are expensive. I always get my posters laminated.
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WilliamFenholtProfessional Digital Artist
I say poster. It's easier to damage but it can always be framed and I like seeing the art as close to it's original (vibrant and detailed) form as possible.
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MaliceInTheAbyssHobbyist General Artist
Poster, but in a frame so it doesn't get damaged.
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iMonoxHobbyist General Artist
poster, since I'll end up framing it anyway
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CentiumCuspisStudent General Artist
is the wall scroll done in a painted style or batik?
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