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You're breathtaking

Another one for this saucy AU :') 

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hye there.. i am interested in art.. really interested but i cant f***in' draw even a simple character.. i hope i will be the cartoonist in future but all of the struggling i made end up with heartbreaking moment when you see what is on the tutorial video and i am everyday keep trying but cant make it.. just make a confession in here.. thanks for you that read me if you have some motivate because i really needed..

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don't look at tutorials and don't look at other ppl's art if they bring you down, just draw for yourself and have a good time offline without showing anyone.

it takes years or decades of continuous drawing everyday to get anywhere, I've been drawing for 28 years and there's still a lot I don't know how to do, don't give up and beat yourself up before you even begin

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THIS is breathtaking!! Llama Emoji-21 (Speechless) [V1]

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Don't assume that everything involving bondage or BDSM is automatically going to be abusive fam. And yeah personally I do think it's a bit out of line, lol.

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stunning indeed damn hot

I woke up, saw this and I think I don't need coffee anymore (*゚∀゚*) *instant awakening*

Hotdamn, Blackbird, hotdamn...

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Well that's...a plot twist.

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I just realized she's wearing pants.

I seriously thought she was having the time of her life down there

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Too damn hot.. :sun:

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Getting hot in here~

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