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Veloce Visrin

By shilin
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my bb Veloce :> I can't tell what is it about it that I don't like! maybe she needs to be CRYING YEAH


I think this design suits her more than the red one I've drawn before, that one looks too serious/high class/extravagant/old on her and I want to keep a little youthfulness and restlessness to her. Obviously she's always serious and boring but beyond her demeanors she's not a very well grounded person.

I still haven't done much with this design so it's really unbalanced and that's probably why I don't like it. The most important part of this design is the yellow waist sash and is the only reason I made this generic design LOL. It came from the pope's attire, and I really like it as a religious symbol, I don't really know who gets to wear it irl or what it represents (I don't even know what it's called if it has a name LOL) but I want to incorporate this as something worn by high ranking clergymen, or people respected by/looked up to by the religious order in my world.


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I don't know if you've explained it elsewhere, but why did you call her Veloce? (I suppose you know it's Italian for "fast").

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I studied music and at the time I just wanted any word that looks nice to the eye for her name, and I thought veloce looks nice (: I mean for it to be read like vel-loss as if it's not Italian at all haha
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I supposed it was related to music, you also used "toccato" for your artbook, which is a musical technicality (and also an Italian wordItalian Icon).

In my mind, I'll continue to call her Veloce XD.
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I love her boots, and her hair, and the way you do her clothes is so perfect.  
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I saw your art some months back, but had only learned that there was a comic just today. Cool characters, settings and plot; I like it! Too bad I'm already up to speed with your latest chapter in one sitting :| (Blank Stare)
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hahaha i'm glad you enjoyed it, but yes it's like watching paint dry u_u
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Whacks in the head to forget and re-read was never my thing, so I'll just gaze at the horizon for a couple of weeks while you do the magic shimmy :D

See you around!
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This is beautiful!
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Mind blowing! That's how awesome your work is!
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dem boots aww yea 8D

Maybe it's that it would be more romanticized if she were wounded as though in battle?  I dunno, I like it as is...
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Wow, I love her. :D Her expression is awesome!
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These eyes *-*
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feel like wanna cosplay this XD
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wow! I love her expression and the colouring! And I really like the way you drew her legs :)
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I really do like the picture, and also the new design of her clother, it does fit her better than the old on ^^
The first time when i saw this picture, i really starred at it for abaout 30 minutes >.< it does look so real in
proportion and the how the light and the shadows are drawed, looks so smooth and fine. And all those details^^ I really do love this character
maybe one day i want to cosplay her ^^

keep up your good work^^
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A fantastic artwork. The perspective, colouring, cut (i dont know the english word for it... the head or the feet arent fully seen), look, anatomy and curving of her body make this piece simply astonishing. i absolutly love it.
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You mean that you don't like it? For me it is amazing! well, i don't know this character yet, so i can't say if it is nice on her^^ But soon, I will buy carciphona so that I should be able to understand your point^^
Anyway, your work is just fabulous!
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you have a great works!!
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That shoulder.
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ikr if not for the face style I would have thought this was a photo at glance.
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