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The more I’m surrounded by, the more alone I feel.

- - - - - -

Veloce, character from my manga Carciphona, in the wrong world as usual

I think I tried not to render too much for some texture in this picture, but it didn't quite work out lol Q__Q

Hope this picture uploads fine this time, if not I might reupload like others have done


:star::star: My original manga series, Carciphona volume 3 is now available for preorder at my shop, SHILIN.STORENVY.COM! :star::star:
Volume 3 Cover by shilin

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the colors are great good job! thanks

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Эта свобода успокаивает и в то же время,кто-то отрывает от свободы
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gorgeous colors displayed!
JeanMorrigan's avatar
Beautifuly sad...
GreySparkle's avatar
funny ^^

i saw this picture years ago on pinterest somewhere..... no idea how this drawing things really work didnt been in the community much....  but i think it was one of the first inspiration i had for my first oc ^^
and now so many years after i seen it.. i found it again here ^^ so lovley... i espacially love the mood in this and the bg it add all so well together 
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Very atmospheric. Well done.
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Looks really cool!
Minticore's avatar
What is the style this is done in called?

And how do I do it ;-;
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wah finally fond the original artist of this lovely art
this brings so much joy ^^ i hope you still enjoy doing art~
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I've been looking for the creator of this image for a while now, it's one of my favorite pictures in this style. So happy to have found you and your awesome work! ^^
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whoa, those street lights below, as lits her, enchanting, like all the magic happens down there, but she can't be a part of it, feels in her look, that easy life just gone, and now she has to cope with something new, yet don't know how. :D welldone!
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Really good one. Got tired of those "sexy" and vulgar staged depictions of girls on the balcony, but this one just feels so genuine.
Sardrellas's avatar
This evokes a ton of emotions so effectively - very well done!
Nameless-001's avatar
This is such good art! really amazing work.. 
Daigonzo's avatar
I love the wistfulness of this illustration.
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I'll take it myselfKrul Tepes Appear Icon 
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this is beautiful, i can really relate to that quote.
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I think this would make a great next poster on my wall ! wooppppppp
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i love this work so freaking much!!!!!! because i totally saw myself in this Bunny Emoji-09 (Heart) [V1] 
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Beautiful work.
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Your artwork is always stunning :)
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