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The devil plays the fiddle

I wanted to draw that moment when you catch a glimpse of something personal that is hidden behind the layers of showmanship and visual/aural distraction

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You can feel the intensity in her eyes.
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This is stunning!! Loving the effects here and that glare they're doing at the viewer!
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he went down to Georgia ?
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Oh. This has POWER.

I think I love it. 
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That glare, so intense.
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Great work Bunny Emoji-70 (Please to meet you) [V4] 
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This is heavy, even if it is in black and white. 

Wondering if assumption can also be related to this piece. Wish to some colorful positivity can be bestowed through those works.
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lol someone looked at me once like that when i was a curious little kid and two people were intensive kissing in a train when  the guy gave me that eye I turned around in a heartbeat and didn't move an inch until I could get outXD
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I want to recreate this in a photo one day.
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oof epic emotions
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Another one with a Lindsey Stirling vibe to it, but lots of anger.
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Love the the anger in their eye 
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