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The augur / The queen of swords

painting of my character Veloce Visrin (: cool colours are really hard to paint for me but I’m glad I was able to finish this.


Get the art files for this drawing, like hi-res-jpg, layered psd file, steps, and full video at



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i really like the details of this one, also what's the full design of the sword there that's looks epic

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This is the most attractive female I've ever seen in my life. The design of the eyes are so compelling and I never see that on female characters ever. I'm a roleplayer who searches high and low for anime FC's to use to represent the general look of my character. And I always feel so stuck when it comes to female face claims because they just have no depth. So, after a long time hunting I can say her eyes and more masculine features are extremely rare and I've never seen them even in other people's digital art. Just with yours. So huge respect for your design.

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What a magnificent details! I love Veloce ^^
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i love it uh
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Amazing as always! Love it!!!
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Really cool concept.
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Shes hot and this is awesome Heart 
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This is "epicness" drawn artistically!
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Just a question (or comment :D) Now that I stare at this masterpiece (Love) I notice that my attention tends to go towards the right side, where the dark and the cloak are. I don't really know why, perhaps the lines given by the sword in Veloce's left hand and the cloak's ornaments? It feels weird because the 2/3 rule should work the opposite :D I tried to crop the picture to see what happens... If Veloce is in the middle, my attention focuses on her, which is ok I suppose. Perhaps extending the light side would do the trick? Or having crows going from the upper right to the lower left might bring the focus in the right direction? Or it's just me and my eyes? :D
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The composition here is so great!
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This is one my absolute favorite paintings. Stunning!
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i love this! so beautiful

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This is absolutely amazing!
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Weiss Schnee, Empress of Remnant
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Happened to stumble upon your stream and saw you working on this one! It's absolutely amazing and you really went all out with the details this time! <3
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ahhh beautiful!! Heart Love 
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Awesome! I love it! Heart The colours are great, especially the green and blue tones in the wings of the birdsLa la la la 
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