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I had the privilege to paint this for League of Legends a while ago, and I'm so stoked to see it finally out!!

I miss painting my own original stuff ;-; some day.................................................


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Carciphona - Toccata by shilin

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Hello there! I would like to inform you that the user, An2010Dn has used your art without crediting you. Here's the post:League of Legends: Sona
Nice work though :)
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omg u painted my second main's splash :0c
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Oh wooow, so you drew this? I suppose I have you to partially thank, because this was one of the first things to help me fall in love with my favorite League champion x3 She'sa great mix of beautiful and cute~
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I'm glad you like it!
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Im glad i found you. Imma say Nice work you've done here
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Oh my god! You're the original artist of Sona's original skin? This is so beautiful!! I'm so happy I found you aaaaahhhhhh I'm a Sona main and her original splash art will always be one of my favorites <3333
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I'm glad you like them!!
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She is my main, and this work is wonderful <3
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any tips for the people who wanna work for Riot later?
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no clue, I don't know them well to be able to say anything, probably just get really good and after that figure out what they look for in their artists : D
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Thank you for replying! Ur awesome
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You should do one of Orianna :3
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wow you're the person who drew this! Sona is my favorite champion and this splash art looks amazing!
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PRIOSO "Double killsteal" "PENTASTEAL"
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I love this champion so much, bless you for helping create her. 
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i really like both sona and your picture and i hope they paid you well xDD;;
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I absolutely love Sona. I just started playing League of Legends yesterday, and i was trying to find my champion and there she was. I am so sad that I hadn't played League earlier, because if I had I would have discovered her sooner. Just know that your art is absolutely breathtaking and one day I wish to live up to that beauty. You really captured Sona and I extremely appreciate that.
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thank you so much!
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You are the best!!!!!
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You are good, ask can ask a question?
Ask drawing your chart, whether can process?
If may, please be authorized also hoped can the affiliation certificate be able to process ^^ from this

I is a Taiwanese, therefore asks you, thanks the drawing reply!:)
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sorry I don't understand what you're saying ): I can read chinese so if it's easier for you, you can write your question in chinese
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I didnt even realize you drew her until i clicked on your riven fanart which then led me to this picture! woww OwO
I didn't even know you worked for LoL xD
I love Sona, one of my favorite supp <3 
You're such an amazing artist <3
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