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Show them what you're made of

By shilin

Veloce wearing my friend's gorgeous Allsaints dress (: 

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Carciphona book 5 cover by shilin

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AU cover by shilin
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would you ever want to collab with someone for a webtoon?

😱 😱 😱 😱 😱 😱 😱 😱 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍
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Woot! You look so good, Veloce! 
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Those scars are intense. Really nice work! :w00t:

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I love her !! <3
DestinieKirby's avatar
She looks amazing! I really love all the folds in the fabric of her clothing. :D
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Niceee! ♥♥♥
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Wait a minute, Veloce is a lady?
Well then.  It seems that I didn't pay enough attention to your comic.
Thank you for sharing.
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On what page did she get those scars?
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it's an injury from books 6-7
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Hey I've been keeping up with your books and when I saw this I was like when did she get them. Then it hit me she got hit by the necromancer fairy with the goddess shot thing TWICE and she still hasn't recovered so she could have ended up with them turning into scars! Am I right? I am asking because if I'm wrong I'm to reread the books for like the tenth time since I bought them.
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Thanks for replying it means a lot! Also thank you for making this beautiful story so that we may all enjoy it! Also take your time making the chapter I know drawing can take its toll. We might want to know what happens but we want you to stay healthy way more! Have a great day!
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She looks like someone ready to take on the entire world.
Huniidu's avatar
Absolutely gorgeous!
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Oof, powerful pose. She looks strong AND gorgeous :heart:
meridiancore's avatar
Oof, I thought the fairy only injured Veloce spiritually, not just physically as well!
It almost looks like some kind of shattered ice/fractal. 

Man she looks FANTASTIC in that dress! Blackbird was right, she needs to dress up more!
VeloceXBBLover's avatar
We would all start drooling if we started seeing more of this!
VeloceXBBLover's avatar
Blackbird included! 😏😏
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We need to know the story behind those scars.
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