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the last panel from the new year special comic :D applied a lot of stuff I figured on this other wet street drawing I did last year, comics is hard having to hold back is hard

✮ PSD/full process video/steps for this piece for my Patrons last month! pledge each month to receive high-res/layered PSD/video processes of my illustrations and painted comics ✮

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so gay i love it <3

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Very nice one!
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I love it, it feels real <3 You're so talented 
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Aaaah, it gives such a good realistic feeling! ç__ç I really love the detail of the road dotted texture coming out. But the best to me is the trick of using the reflection of the building and the "New Year" message at the end, which goes well with the scrolling down of the webcomic mechanism. That's so smart! :D
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My favorite part about this piece is how they're surrounded in
the warmth of each other and the light of the bus stop while
everything else is in the cold, dark rain. It's very romantic
and has a sort of gentleness to it that suits Veloce and Blackbird.

I'm also in love with how you achieved the wet asphalt look, especially
with your rendering of the reflections and the rain drops splashing
as they hit the pavement. Everything about this takes my breath away! 
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thank you so much ;-;
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I love that the two of them just seem to be in their own world. Like, even the building that clearly should be behind them (and is in the reflection) vanished.
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thank you very much for appreciating this!!
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It's so refined and yet so... classic! I'd have it as mural on my kitchen wall - it would be so perfectly moody, yet modern. Fantastic work!
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so many tears how long did this take? you do it on stream Ive been working a lot lately and haven't been able to watch
Now this is the definition of "noice"
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this is juts cute
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very lovely rendering on the many different textures and reflections :heart:
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AMAZING... The rain the reflection just wow
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