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Ragnarok Online - Gucci Girl

RO commission for Gucci Girl of iRO Chaos I did at the end of June. Visit my site for more wallpaper sizes.
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this is the first picture that popped into my mind when i first saw that the artist of the current sona splash art is "shilin". good old days when games were still good. rip ragnarok.
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Wait ... I think I remember seeing this o.O one of the screen shots in game or something - No I definitely remember seeing this xD Holy crap so weird to see the artists who do stuff years later.... I was way too slow at discovering DA ^^
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I found this one on google images and Feel in love with it..
I've been trying to find out who did this one for along time and whare it was from...
Now I know!!
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she is a priest??!!!!
i wanna go to church lol
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this sure is too smexy for a high priestess XD. really love her compose!
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Wow! I love the detail... must have taken very long haha
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I love how realistic she is! All she needs is to be grabbing at a tipping over giant Priests' hat. Or maybe she could use an Angeling hat! <3
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Incredible Art work Dude
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did you know this picture got SO famous it turned out as "loading image" even for brazilian RO servers? i can't believe its made by youuuu!!!!
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haha yeah a lot of people used this picture for servers XD
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Wow I must play this game!
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Great piece, really cute and sexy.
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OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Really love this picture!!!!!!!!! :la:
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she's hot.... for a priestess :)
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Gave me inspiration for somting XP (the cross).
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