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Process of Doom

By shilin
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[edit] the finished pic is here---> [link]

Not really a tutorial, more like how I drew the picture. I don't like to call it a tutorial because I don't think there's a right way to draw an anime picture, and if there is, mine's certainly not right.

Also, this isn't exactly what I do on every picture either. The reason why I made this is cus people have been asking. The reason why I don't want to do this is cus every picture I drew almost has a different process. Like the background thing, I only started doing this on the last CG that I made, and I only started trying out the dotting way of shading for texture.

The thing is huge and excessively detailed, so if you know your computer is not competent, don't open it.

The real image will be uploaded later.

[add] if you want a more dial-up friendly version, see my site in the "stuff" section. but my site's main page is not dial-up friendly either.
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TheIncrdibleRin-chanHobbyist General Artist
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oddish-enigmaHobbyist Digital Artist
How long does this process usually take you? x.x
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Thanks a lot for the tutorial ^^
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HeartofwingStudent Artist
is the first sketch done by pencil
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shilinProfessional Digital Artist
it used to be but I don't do that anymore
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HeartofwingStudent Artist
thank you very much for answering
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amazing thanks for the tips, you just changed the way i was painting!!!
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GhazieArshaHobbyist Digital Artist
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i've gone through many photoshop tutorials and it's the first one i understand :D i'm a beginner yet in that case, though i've tried Sai and Corel
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LenamoArtProfessional Digital Artist
Nice! I really would like to see your tutorial for metal and shiny things! :)
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pain-au-chocolatHobbyist Digital Artist
Thank you for show us your way to color!
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CrisisHalfPrincessHobbyist Traditional Artist
thank you so much for showing how you paint! it's always very useful!
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LiomnieHobbyist Digital Artist
AWESOME!! I NEED to know how to draw like that! (not exactly like that, my own style of course =D)
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this is awesome.I neither have a scanner nor a tablet currently,so I just use PS Pen tool to trace my pencil sketches and make the lineart and i always find it so tiring.the line weights don't look good since it turns out uniform.i just have to ask,would it turn out okay if i just use the mouse to make those "dot dot do" shadows?
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shilinProfessional Digital Artist
sure, anything that you think is most effective. I use mouse frequently for things I need precision and stability.
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This is the best tutorial that i ever read... It helped me alot. Thank you for making this ^^
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roseycrystals730Student Digital Artist
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i have to say, you really brought that image to some way. that is AWESOME. i wish i could draw like that. (though i migt have the patience to do so....)
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jessivaskullbloodHobbyist Writer
holly shit dude your sketch is fucking wonderful not ugly your a great artist 80
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LytzzzzHobbyist Artist
first draw an ungly sketch wtf are u talking about thats a really good sketch
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rudykucingHobbyist Digital Artist
Im SAI user s I hope you can give SAI tutorail???
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shilinProfessional Digital Artist
I don't use SAI to colour so I can't help you, sorry ):
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rudykucingHobbyist Digital Artist
btw i like your style all!!! TQ
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