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Patreon sketch - Conversation


Hello, Dear. Tell me everything. What’s your story?


music I have in mind:… this song and a rachmaninoff prelude go with like 90% of the stuff I’d like to draw LOL

Not sure whether or not I’d call the song inspiration since I thought of the scene before thinking of the song, but once I thought of the song, it was the driving force behind the picture. I came up with this as a story type scene, where Veloce explores an abandoned place, and ends up here. The quote is from Avengers 2 in a barn where Tony Stark talked to a tractor that was supposedly not working, as if it was capable of communicating (and to him, it probably was capable of that). I feel like people who feel that kind of disconnect from other people absorb information and communication better in their own, more self observed way, without the need or help of words. And here is the conversation between veloce and what surrounds her.

  • High resolution jpgs
  • Step by step work in progress screenshots!big, layered PSD file
  • HD timelapse videos of the drawing process from start to finish!

For this piece for my patrons of $5/$10/$15 at Patreon! :D


:star: :star: In other news, my newest art book was released on Saturday! If you’re interested, you can find it at :star: :star:

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Hello shilin! This picture is so nice! I'm a composer (of classical and cinematic music style) and have my music on Youtube (with illustrations from phorographers and artists). I'm now searching pictures to Lullaby for Pianist (for Piano and Orchestra). The names of the illustration artists will naturally appear there. My music gets publicity and the illustrators get publicity on Youtube. If interested to see examples of my videos, please, contact! Let's co op! My email is

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Beautiful scene! Fantastic job on the lighting and the decay... something I've tried before as well, but nowhere near as good as this obviously.
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Wow, super-cinematic looking! You are seriously amazing with dramatic light / lighting / light fx / etc. There really is such a feeling of time & story here...
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drawing and painting type work is best done in adobe photoshop, if you are looking for an adobe program.

illustrator is more for vector graphic design, not for drawing/painting
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Oh, I love how you incorporated the patreon painting of Auresque!
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Yes, a scene with lonely piano music beautifully fits this dark scene. I shall learn that Chopin's piece now! What Rachmaninoff prelude did you have in mind at that time? I would love to hear it.
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I just read on your site that you have Bachelors in Music for Performance. What was your instrument? 
P.S. I study at university, play piano but can't reach the chords for this Chopin Nocturne Really Sad 
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I play piano haha, don't worry I have to roll a ton of chords too, you'll be fine
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This reminds me of how light shines brightest in the darkest, most abandoned places.
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I love this scene; it's very beautiful, the light streaming through the windows, the dusty feel of the room, and the atmosphere is really nice. The explanation behind the scene really adds to it as well. :love:
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nice shadows and lights :)
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Shilin, this is gorgeous.
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the music is so relaxing, but with the pic is really mysterious and interesting. I want more <3
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Omg this is really an adorable art work , you must be so talented
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very nice drawing
it calmed me
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Amazing work. Did you create this on your own? I'm drawing my own pieces too it's cool how the mind works. Thanks for sharing.
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yes, everything I post is made by me only
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very cool. awesome work. how many books have you created so far? or this your first one? 
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That's absolutely stunning, you know.

The light shines through the window and affects on you strangely but leaves a deep impression, by the way.

I am a dummy! Your art is an inspiration in it's best. Really.
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