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Patreon - love

love can blind and love can wound, but love accepts and love forgives

A piece for April set #2 on Patreon ! I might come back and finish this too because I like where it's going, although I have a pile of like 30 of these so I dont know if I'll ever get to it LOL

My patrons will receive layered PSD files, step-by-step work in progress snapshots, high-res jpgs HD timelapse videos of the entire drawing process for this piece, among others (:

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Untitled by shilin Carciphona - Tango by shilin Sona by shilin Weave the heavens by shilin Carciphona 4 cover by shilin
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incredible, you're such a good artist

Alicesmemories's avatar
this is so beautiful beyond words and just the word love so perfectly describes it in every way, amazing.
Finsterne's avatar
Your work is always admirable <3
rosycrowns's avatar
I look at my stuff. meh, i guess this isn't so bad! Looks At your drawings* oh....
epicjonny155's avatar
Black bird's yes are red?
epicjonny155's avatar
But they look like it.
shilin's avatar
the context is important. You don't ask if blackbird's hands are claws and arms are red but they are here. I change my character designs sometimes based on context
IncendiaryBoobs's avatar
Amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The little text piece at the beginning is beautiful! ~
Chanloong's avatar
I really like this cp!!Love Love Love Love 
iCurvaceous's avatar
I love the emotions and meaning carried forward in this message. Beautiful.
Erichan8DD's avatar
What a pair of scary eyes! My gosh! Love it! O_o""
LuccianaLoL's avatar
Anatsu-phobia's avatar
BB NO...this is making my heart sad :(
LostbunniesofWendy's avatar
Looks just incredible!
Sapphireblueocean's avatar
Love is emotional, be it good or bad which is being shown here through these two characters in this art work. And I agree with that quote! Which matches very well with this.
But overall, sentimental and in depth art work, well done! =D  
onomisha's avatar
So Very Beautiful........❤️💫💫
Ponyitalia12's avatar
That's a very hurtful and yet absolutely true way of picturing love.
Arc925's avatar
Omg, this is so angsty and beautiful!! I absolutely adore this piece!! :love:
Neudyx's avatar
This is Amazing!!Clap 
Channao's avatar
Amazing work!
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