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August 7, 2015
Patreon - I think I'm loving it?? by shilin
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Patreon - I think I'm loving it??


I UH wanted to draw blackbird in some armour (more than I what I did here) but had no justification for it, and the usual fantasy battlefield atmosphere is really overdone by me so I wanted to think of something different... I thought what if blackbird is taking a break from battle, maybe she's taking a sip of soda, then I thought maybe she got the soda from the mcdonald's that is in rubble right now from an angry dragon that is not satisfied with his purchase? maybe humans are at war with dragons because they're not happy with the quality of the fast food and blackbird is hired by mcdonald's to be their guard and--

I got so carried away justifying the original intent that I didn't spend much time on the actual armour stuff that I wanted to put on blackbird HAHA ᕕ( ᐛ )ᕗ I had a lot of fun with this picture, I like the flatting + paintover process because it gives me colour/contrast anchors while I get to paint over those colours with any other colours I want with less risk of my colours making 0 sense. I wouldn't have been able to try these things without Patreon so thank you all for helping me with my art as well with your support!

Blackbird from my manga
  • High resolution jpgs
  • Step by step work in progress screenshots!
  • High resolution PSD with all layers
  • HD timelapse videos of the drawing process from start to finish for this picture

for my patrons of $5/$10/$15 c:

Star! Star!! Star!


Star! Other art by me Star!
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LuisSweeny's avatar
😁Very original❕
Caznir's avatar
This is perfect. xD I love it!
This just made me so happyX3
RosellineMesprit's avatar
hahah! that's so funny!
MikuHatsuneMMDlove's avatar
Akrolina's avatar
That's simpky awesome! Keep going! You rock!
GoldenNocturna's avatar
So, basically, dinner and a show? :XD:
princeofallsofas's avatar
Idek what this is supposed to be from (if anything) but I just like how fresh it feels to see a McDonald's getting destroyed. Also, dragons fighting F-16's because overpriced take-out? That's awesome. :la:
BlueSkyDrawings's avatar
Ba Da Ba Ba Ba Its killing it.

Nice art bye the way.
LookBacktoFour's avatar
Not lovin' it anymore.
zeolno14's avatar
The death of multibillion dollar corporations. I love it!! -twists moustache-
ljeff8283's avatar
Finally the day McDonald's  is no more
LookBacktoFour's avatar
Too bad that won't be happening for a long time. Consumers love junk food too much. No wonder Americans are so obese.
ljeff8283's avatar
You know Australia is now the fattest country in the world. Its somehow taken over America
LookBacktoFour's avatar
Really? Damn... That's too bad.
TheJSX2's avatar
Britain's not doing to great either
LookBacktoFour's avatar
Really? I thought the British were better than that.
Clockitycap's avatar
this is Payback for messing up all my orders, Mc Donald
InsmouthFishPerson's avatar
"I think..." *SLLLLLLLLLLLLLURP* "I think I'm gonna call in today."
Wadjet90's avatar
timberwoIves's avatar
CaptainFwoxy's avatar
ba  da ba ba baaaa I'm lovin' it
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