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Night before the last battle

By shilin
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[edit] I've made the entire drawing process into a video here:

- - -

giving titles to drawings is so hard and lame LOL... but I guess it helps to give some context as most of the stuff in this drawing shouldn't even be together

So glad I had some time to finish this and so glad I was able to spend all the time in the world on it lol. It doesn't feel good enough to just get things done, hit deadlines and move on; after a while it drives me nuts. But what can we do, we got a job and can't usually afford to spend 30 hours on a single drawing Q__Q

Veloce and Blackbird from my webcomic Carciphona as usual


:star: Read Carciphona, my original fantasy webcomic/graphic novel (:

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Watching your process making this is inspiring! You are so detail oriented! :) it is also interesting how you spent quite a bit of time figuring out where to put the lantern, and it ended up changing you whole composition. Oh Noes! 
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AAH you do have one xD yayy
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Your work is just amazing :D

Totally inspired! *_*
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Ahhh I ship them so much hahaha. Am I the only one who is doing that? I hope I'm not alone. owo

Your art is so good, by the way. ;w;
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wait... do veloce and blackbird get a romance??? (i just began reading this, keep in mind)
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not atm haha
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are dey just homies now or did blackbird creep up on her again :D
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This is what I aspire to draw like.
You are amazing, shilin!
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need to have a button to fav them all at the same time...
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I would love to share your work -- I will not be selling your work but would like your permission to display it--would be free advertisement for you.

I live in Oklahoma USA.--I am opening a small shopping village On major highway 69/75
“I’m helping others help themselves”  I would love to display your work on the wall. I’m trying to create a nice family environment. Like I said I won’t be selling your work . I will post photo of displays.

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thanks for your reply-- not for sure if thanks means your are giving me permission  to show your work  tho.
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you can as long as it's not mass produced, distributed, sold, or edited, and that you provide credit as to who is the artist of the pieces so that people know where it came from (:
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thanks I will post picture--  
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it's very cool and romatic at the same time.
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I love those little pawns on the map.
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Amazing :D!!! ♥♥♥
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The lighting in this is so beautiful--it's very light, yet at the same time conveys night time or dusk, and Veloce and Blackbird looks so relaxed, it's just a nice picture to contemplate.
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This is to sweet!
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