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My dear daughter

You live in the shadow of a goddess


I've drawn this composition for Veloce and Auresque many times in my story and in sketches and it feels nice to finally polish one. I had so much fun on the fabric, hair, and ornaments on this one I wish every painting could be like this LOL :D

The Visrins' powers have changed the world for all, saved some and ruined equally many. Each Visrin dealt their heritage a different way. It gave Auresque freedom, she truly answer to no one, and felt no burden of world as if she was a god. For Veloce, her beloved daughter, it was the opposite. She holds just as much power and influence if she wills, but in the end, she let the decisions be made for her by her strength and heritage, in the form of responsibility, and her mother's legacy.

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Wow! Everything in this picture is just perfect!
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wooooow the way you do fabrics and hair is especially amazing! ;v;
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Great and amazingHeart 
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You have some amazing gold textures & colours there :O The rendering is beautiful <3
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Aaaaaa~ What sorcery is this?! So pretty! The details omg I'm crying with sheer joy and jealousy haha
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I'm curious how a Carciphona with Auresque's power died in childbirth, since don't they heal when they're as old as Auresque?
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future spoilers :D
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this would make for an absolutely stunning cosplay
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I'm in tears, not joking. Favorite piece BY FAR
This might be my favorite of all. Even though Veloce always has kind of the same expression, she looks especially fierce here with the rigid stance and double swords. I really love how ethereal Auresque is--at first, I missed seeing her in full color with the red hair and all, but the monochromatic look seems fitting for a ghost. The gilding on the sash is so dazzling, I can't Seizure Shark Icon 
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thank you ;-;
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I'm so speechless on your wonderful talent.
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I sense Caravaggio 
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Very nice work,
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This artwork is so beautiful! The clothing texture looks so real *faves*
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That is a cool armor!
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Your colouring is absolutely gorgeous in this. I really like how you coloured her mother, since it's all in one tone. All her details still stand out really well. The only thing that's been bothering me is the anatomy. Her torso is way too long :'D Part of it would have been covered. Another thing I noticed is Veloce's legs seem big in comparison to the rest of her body. Since your style has now evolved into a semi-realism, I just thought I should point that out ;v;
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Uhhh the way you painted the gold material is beautiful.
Gorgeous lighting as well!
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Absolutely breathtaking @_@ 
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