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Mermaid - design for patreon

There is a mermaid race in my manga story, I’ve never fleshed out its design so I was thinking about it recently. I have a betta since last year and I wanted to have this race be a pretty betta-based race, but the thing about bettas is they have short-ish bodies, and so if I go with the normal approach of turning the legs into a fish body with a tail at the end, and fins on either side of the pelvis, it looks super bizarre to me, as if the mermaid has 2 connected torsos LOL. but if I just straight up draw the lowerbody as just the tail it would look really creepy too, as if they’re amputated. In the end I decided to have these “mermaids” retain their legs, but treat them as fins, just like their arms. That way the position of their fins would match the betta’s most closely, just with their belly fin turned into 2 leg fins, and they wouldn’t look like freaks with 2 torsos!

Get the art files for this drawing, like hi-res-jpg, layered psd file, steps, and full video at

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Wow it’s like literally look at ”The fairy of the deep” here

love it

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Non-standard version of the mermaid. Interesting!
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Heart Love I love how beautiful and delicate this design is! Also, I like how it's not just an ordinary mermaid!love power Lovely Job!!
Wooow! I love it!
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Do their males break easily into fights, then? :fight: ;)
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Oh my, looks lovely!
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Actually I don't like classic mermaids, they don't make sense at all! This design is really beautiful :)
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I LOVE IT SO MUCH!!! I wish my betta was also a kind of mer betta :3
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Wonderful colors and design!
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Beautiful!! *O* I love unusual concepts <3
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Beautiful mermaid~! :heart:
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OK THIS IS AMAZING ;O; can i make a fan art of you mermaid? ;u;
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sure! as long as by fanart you don't mean just tracing/copying! Thank you :D
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^^  obvious no, I will make a version of your siren in my style, i really love her is so pretty!
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sooo adorable and colorfull!  i love it :) Good work! When the Deviation/Art/Upload is Just Right (icon) 
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This is a really cool design! It's a nice change from the typical mermaid appearance.
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I like it, it's different from we are used to see ^-^ 
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Oh, that's interesting! I like her tail being separate from her legs!
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Dem Design Skillz!Writing emoticon 
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