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Just wanted to draw something glowy and use hard edges again 

veloce from my comic Carciphona


Get the art files for this drawing, like hi-res-jpg, layered psd file, steps, and full video at



follow me on tumblr or facebook for sketches in between illusts c:

:star: Read Carciphona, my original manga series! :star:
Carciphona book 5 cover by shilin
:star: Other art by me :star:
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Love the lighting in your work!!
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Spktr Alpha really likes using this as a pic for Purity(Worm) in his quests

Anyway, followed
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Beautiful, amazing work~! 
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Great work! Love it!
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Just beautiful :heart:
Looks almost magical!
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Wowowow! Its so simple but I love it. You should make your normal stuff more minimal like this.
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The more I read of Carciphona, the more my theory about the Visrins develops...I'd be curious to hear what you think of it, but I also know you wouldn't be able to confirm or deny it for spoiler reasons. 
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I always love to hear what people theorize but yes, I can't really comment on them XD
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May I comment here? I don't want others to be spoiled.
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sure! if you are concerned about spoiling others, you can also join the carciphona discussion channel on my discord server if you'd like to share it with others who are also up to speed (:
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Love the lighting!
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So I did! My apologies, I thought I had clicked the main reply button.
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I think you replied to the wrong person
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Oh fuck yeah, that looks awesome
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Wonderful Heart 
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