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Just like old times

By shilin
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Time may have robbed us of our lustre, but the way you make my heart flutter will stay with me forever!

Honestly there are many songs that I can imagine her playing, but since I can't make you guys listen to ALL OF THEM I will pick this one: Rachmaninoff Prelude Op 23 No. 2

I imagined the setting to be the stage of a hypothetically abandoned and destroyed Paris opera house Palais Garnier. I originally wanted the background to just be flat because the foreground is already so busy but decided to make the picture super extra by drawing in tons of clouds instead because I'm a sucker for them. I really want to polish this, maybe for next month!!


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This character is a very dramatic piano player!
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I really love how you draw shoes. All your characters (at least, in these AU pics) are always wearing REALLY COOL boots of some kind, and I LOVE it!
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Beautiful, amazing work~! 
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Shilin i think this song will fit her :)  --->…
I like her passion she is focus and she let the music take her!
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I love balakirev's lark ;-; makes me cry
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this is amazing, I love it !
great work !
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Your great artwork has been featured in my August 2017 journal,…

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So beautiful and powerful!
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Wow! this is beautiful!
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I usually have a tear in my eye when it comes to music and art pieces together but here, for some reason, I'm BAWLING MY EYES OUT! Why? I don't know (the fact that I'm a piano player doesn't help too).
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I see your Rachmaninoff and raise you this 
Beethoven Piano Sonata No 17 3rd Movement
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wow.... _____The sky is over______ <--- it reminds me of this song because one scene in the video is similar to your drawing :3 epic....
love it. <3<3<3<33<3<3<3<3<3
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What really charmed by your artstyle is how you draw and color the combination of 2d and 3d, it's not too anime but not too plain realistic like photo-tracing too, this art really can be ejoyed by eastern and western viewers! Such an amazing artwork miss shilin, keep it up!
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Amazing work Shilin! You really captured a lot of atmosphere in this piece :D
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omg, her hair <3
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Quite astounding!! Llama Emoji-02 (Blush) [V1] 
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Who is she from? Is she from a show or is she like your OC?

Amazing drawing! The position, the background, it's all so perfect! Just makes me want to work harder on stuff like that. Especially background ()-()
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she's a character from two manga/comics that I create, and (: the first one is the original and self published and have been going for 12 years, but is a fantasy setting whereas the second one will be more related to this drawing.
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Cool, so is she like an insane girl that likes the piano xD
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I really like the energy.
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