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Very nice.  Sexy and dynamic.  Thank you for sharing.
cucoa's avatar
beautiful scenic dream (◞ꈍ∇ꈍ)◞⋆**✚⃞
HimitsuNoKagami's avatar
I'm just handing the eye on Veloce's back and biting my nails cause DAMN THAT TENSION.

Edit: I just realized I mixed up eye and hand. That should say "eyeing the hand".
osika4's avatar

Veloce in a dress is one thing, but DAMN, Blackbird in a suit.

NFuture's avatar
Looks stylish!
SaveTheQu33n's avatar
This is awesome *_* The details on the rings, the back of her dress and the lines of her jacket. Minimalistic yet so sensual Heart 
MisagoMonday's avatar
No offense, but there really is something seriously sensual about the poses you draw them in. It always looks like they are just about to move to horizontal...
mmitchellhouston's avatar
Your depiction of the fabric on her dress is brilliant. This is a very strong piece that gives us a glimpse into this intimate moment. Love that pop of color for her lips. Thanks so much for sharing your vision with us.
Interesting and beautiful
girlonwantedposters's avatar
I love these two so much. <3 
FallenAngelGM's avatar
So passionate and hypnotic!
Shi-Yin's avatar
I smell a mini-comic :3  Or am I hoping too much? XD 
Helidou's avatar
if they don't fuck already istg
TheTubich's avatar
Awesome work [Patreon] SansFangirl4Life Icon 
crazy-fruit's avatar
">:3" Seriously that's your comment? I still think they should have sex some time very soon. Or at least kiss. This is way to intense!

I really love this entire series. I'm amazed how well you rock these narrowed frames, close bodies and overall poses with black, white, red and some gradients. But no actual "colouring".
shilin's avatar
hahahah :'D thank you!!
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