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Hello again London (for Patreon)

My happy post-Mass Effect 3 destroy ending headcanon where Shepard survives and everyone reunites eventually and visit London as it’s beingrebuilt! I’m so sad that the team probably splits for good after all this is over, since each person had their own goals and obligations and destroyed worlds to fix, so I’d like to think they have some time to get together, as well as visit london as a tribute to Anderson! mech/scifi is definitely not my strength but I enjoyed watching my gf replay game a lot, so I wanted to give it a shot ;_;
  • High resolution jpgs
  • Step by step work in progress screenshots!
  • big, layered PSD file
  • full videos of the drawing process from start to finish!

For this piece for my patrons of $5/$10/$15 at :D (Big Grin)

Star! Star! My newest art book, which this was the cover for, is available for preorder at Star! Star!

- 64 pages
- letter size
- $30 or less with bundles!

Toccata II the Art of Shilin Huang by shilin


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That view of the sky is breathtaking!
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I like the mood although I don't kow the game
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I kind of quit playing ME a while ago... maybe I should go back to it again.
Anyway, the first thing this piece (specifically, its title) reminded me of was Muse's video clip for Sing For Absolution... If you see it until the end you'll see what I mean :D
Epic paintwork btw.

EDIT: now I watch that clip again... the spaceship even looks a lot like ME material. 2006.
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omg, you + mass effect art makes me so happy.
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yasss who wouldn't fall in love with those precious babies ;-;
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I love the neon sign that explicitly states 'LONDON'.

BUT YES Shilin I'm happy you like Mass Effect too!
This is really nice.
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this is breathtaking! 
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that shorty shep looks so cute :heart:
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Awesome concept :)
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I'm commander Sheppard and this is my favourite art on deviantART ;)
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But... with the "Destroy" ending and EDI-- and the geth... ;__;
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Oh ME3 how you injured my being
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I clicked cause it looked really beautiful from the thumbnail, then I realized it was Mass Effect fanart and my heart started beating faster. 
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looks great!!!! <3<3 you have a wonderful style!
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Well my Shep will always survive and have a lot of alienbabies with Garrus!
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Mass Effect 3... Haven't seen the ending yet. I should sometime..
Anyways, the techy stuff in this picture looks fine, really! You did great! :D
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