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Hien from FF14 stormblood expansion!! I like him a lot, SE always delivers with the husbandos on every expansion


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Just sooo perfect!  <3
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I wheeze he is a good bean
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Ahhhh he's so cool!!! I didn't knew that you were playing ffxiv, awesome!!!! *o*
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Hieeen!! :heart: you made him look even more gorgeous than I thought was possible! :D it's so cool to see FFXIV art from you ^^
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OMG Lord Hien, how I love this character ♥ His theme song instantly started playing in my head when I saw the drawing hahahaha You did an excelent job, as always ♥
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This dude is super hot, and he has super warm eyes :) Love it!
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I feel like his chest muscles look a bit flat but I'm not familiar with the design so I wouldn't know.
The amount of details is really nice though, as is the lighting and coloring :D.
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Hien is nice, but Haurchefant forever. Still, very nice picture !
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Now that's a surprise. For someone who doesn't have time to play games, you still manage to play AND draw characters! Good choice too. Hien looks good and has enough depth and history to make for a nice artwork full of feelings and references (which is your specialty...).
His face is just perfect. I don't know if it's the lighting or the rougher edges but is seems that it's the focal point of the piece.

Also, don't let Yugiri see that. She'd go crazy.
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So nice work *-* ah Hien I really like this character he's very interesting in the main quest story :)
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Oh there you are my husband.
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Oh my gossh i feel the nosebleed comes Firelite-photo The Monkey With the Nosebleed  
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He looks badass
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Aaaah I got so excited when I saw this familiar face in my notifications!! I love Hien T__T
This looks so pretty!
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Extraordinary! You did such a wonderful job ah loving this!
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I love how you brought his honestly caring but still relentless fighting character out just by the look of his eyes.
He's a true leader everyone follows by heart and soul and had such a lovely influence on the mainstory.
I bet he was - and still is one of the most loved characters. c:
Also I can absolute imagine the sun rising right behind him over the Azim Steppe ♥ or maybe already over the freed Yanxia?
Pusheen Staring IconFREE flying hearts Icon  good job!
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your works bring me to tears cus EVERY WORD IS 100% CORRECT ABOUT HIM long live husband i mean hien

AND YEAH!! I pictured this to be fitted into the parts around the Nadaam, maybe right before it started; that part of the msq felt so blissful even though so many of the tribes were shit heads because there was so much togetherness and camaraderie, esp after the battle was over and everyone came together to kick the dumb imperial guy's ass LOL. Hien reminds me of the Steppes more than Doma sometimes!!
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