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Another generic picture I drew a while back~ I was going for simple painting and simple ideas for a change since all my pictures are swarmed with details :c


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Everybody needs freedom . . .
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Omg this is just amazing if I give you a request I would buy it for you as well I really want someone to draw that one pic for me!!!!
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Wow Blue Sky! You really draw some! =)
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The lighting effect is amazing. :o (Eek) 
Also the pastel cloros fits the drawing perfectly! La la la la 
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this is too perfect to my heart handle....
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Wow really amazing :).
I especially love the reflection on the water ^3^.
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I LOVE the lighting you did here. It's one of my favorite of yours.
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Isn't it hard to distinguish between lighter tones? The reflection on the water and the ripples are astonishing.
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thanks ;-; my eyes are quite sensitive so most of my drawings have lighter tones/less contrast unless I try really hard haha!
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U r a greatest artist that I've ever met :)
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If I buy this from DA as a print will those words on the bottom left corner be on the print? I'd like to put this in a frame by itself and I don't really want any words on it. (No offense!)
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No, prints do not have watermarks on them. If you click through to the print shop, the preview there is what you get (:
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May I use this as a poster for a competition?! I would gladly credit you!
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please don't use my works in anyway shape or form, thank you for asking first
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Sigh, its okay then. You're welcome :D
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soft color is amazing
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The smoothness and soft quality of your art is amazing... I could admire it for such a long time...
(stares at screen)

A random question: do you use any sort of textures for the soft, natural look?
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I used default brushes for this piece ^^
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Ohh, okay! Thanks :'D
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this is beautiful and so whimsical! I love it :)
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