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Fanart - Shipwreck

up to you to decide if nami saved mf, or wrecked mf, or waited and watched mf get owned without helping so that she could reap her rewards afterwards

It was enjoyable and at the same time difficult to finish this from the coloured sketch, because I always have the problem of losing energy and dynamics in the process of rendering, but I'm happy about how this came out in that aspect in comparison to the past!

Print available here!

follow me on tumblr or facebook for sketches in between illusts c:

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Carciphona Vol.1 Cover by shilin

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she definitely waited for mf to get wrecked
i mean look at that *smug* smile
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its syndra vs miss fortune hehe
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finally someone shut that damn pirate lady, you go nami~
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this one is gorgeous
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Shilin, just wondering how you colour your characters in photoshop? like honestly I find it hard to colour... I mean, I love colouring and all, but whenever I finish working on my artwork it always looks dull. I don't really like that kind work its disgusting. But every time I look at other artists especially yours its always bright and colourful and nice. This is my current… I feel like its still missing something.. any advice
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if you feel like your colours are dull, mix in more vibrant colours as you work. look up tutorials on how to mix paint and colours in real life to get an idea on how people naturally mix to get colours. I'm not familiar with this either, but it is the opposite of digital art where you just CHOOSE a "darker" colour on the colour picker to shade with without thinking about stuff like colour interaction and colour theory. I don't think watching my videos will help you because this is something that I struggle with too, but not something you can see me actively do in my videos, but you can see some of my past timelapses at
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Omg you actually replied!! O-O Thank you sooooo much for the advice I'll try and practice more again. And yes I did watch all of your videos.
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omg i literally have the same problem as you do!!
Is this available in higher resolution? I nicked the 1280x720 letterbox copy that was shown in the league client for a wallpaper, but I'd like the whole thing in hi-res if possible? Thanks
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it's not possible to get the whole thing as hi-res since I don't want people to just take my art and print it for themsleves, thanks for asking first!
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do you have a red bubble account? this was on redbubble for clothing and laptop stuff and whatnot, and finally got the money, (hoping its urs) to buy it but i can no longer find it and im so sad. they had like a dress and posters i wanted <3
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that redbubble account is owned by an art thief; all the art there are stolen. I sent in a copyright infringement myself and had this piece removed but I couldn't do anything about the rest since I'm not the copyright owner of them. I sell art on my own store at but I don't sell stuff like laptop cases and dresses, only books and posters. I don't set up these stores because the items are expensive, and the profit that goes to me is very little. Riot/game companies also usually don't allow artists to sell on these 3rd party sites (just like how you can't sell fanart posters here on DA), only on their own.

You should beware of art thieves when buying these things, especially when the owner of these stores don't have bios like "I'm ____ I'm an artist and my DA/tumblr/twitter are _______", or when the art has different signatures/signatures that aren't the same as the store names. You can check whether or not something is probably stolen by taking a screenshot of the art work, then going to google image search, click on the little camera on the search bar, then uploading that art file to find similar, sourced artworks, and comparing whether the artist's gallery has the same art as the shop. Generally every artist has their own store of just their art, there would never be any stores mixed with different art from more than 2 or 3 different artists unless they're close friends or people in relationships.
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thats why i waited a bit before getting it in general. i follow alot of artists but it was strange to see no links on your deviantions and things like that. glad you had it taken down. know that if you ever do decide to go that route you have a frequent customer. will still be buying a poster <3
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thank you! all us artists appreciate you :D
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Stunning. I am speechless
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i love the bright colours and strong contrasts
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This is bloody spectacular.
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Wow. This is amazing!
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Splendid! I love it!!!
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