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Fanart - I'll make them listen

By shilin
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Hahaha so I started this last october and I can't believe I finally finished it last week _(:3」 ∠)_ BUT IT DOESN'T MATTER It's finished now!! I promised a counterpart to my Leona vs Diana picture where Diana actually doesn't get shafted and I keep my word : D I would have liked to finish it in a more continuous way rather than stopping for weeks at a time due to other things happening in my life, but maybe all that down time allowed me to keep a fresher eye on the overall picture at all stages of the picture and allowed me to make some big changes for the greater good, changes that I would have been too reluctant to make when I feel super attached to the image as I was working on it otherwise.

You can get the poster here! :star: :star: Free shipping on orders with 5 or more posters :D

This will be a print at Sakuracon and Toronto Comicon artist alley ^^

In other news, I made a Patreon page last week at!

I will be sharing exclusive art, wip, high resolution images, layered psds, timelapse videos and more in exchange for your support! All are things I used to never share, and I hope they may be of some help to my supporters as we all learn and improve art together (: I've been finding it harder to focus on art as I feel the increasing pressure of trying to making a living, but you can help me be able to spend more time focusing on art!


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How did I miss this O_O

Stunning work Shilin!
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Who do you side with Leona, or Diana Either way this peice is amazing and your now instantly on my watch list.
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Follow no false light...
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From reading both their lore i honestly cant tell who's the bad guy
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I utterly love this piece. It doesn't just fits the lore but it also adds the emotion behind it. Simply love how the characters were drawn. Makes me want to play.
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I like the precision of line in this style. It affords it a realism at least of internal congruence if not from an absolute perspective.
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"I'll make them listen.....WITH MY FIST"

*Vi approves*
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YESH. diana is my fav top laner. :D 
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really cool! So much motion :D
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2 of my fav champs ty ty ty :D
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Realy love your colors !
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cool. i love the action
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That's impressive! :D
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I love it. <3 I favour Diana over Leona, so I'm biased, but the painting and drawing quality are beautiful.
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The moon also rises!!

My fav champ, and the most beautiful fanart of her that I've ever seen! Thank you for made it! Love La la la la :happybounce: Hug 
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That's pure awesome. And it's really hard to find some good LoL arts with Diana.
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I think it's how red the cloth is, but at first I thought this was crossfic and Diana was beating up Phoenix from the X-Men.
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ahhh are you going to be selling any of the prints online?? i can't make it to either of those cons and i need this in my life so bad ;; it's incredible.
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