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The inside cover of Carciphona book 6 :D

book 6 is out, preorder it at MY STORE!

★ Carciphona is my manga/webcomic. It’s a long form fantasy story that you can read for free at the CARCIPHONA website, or TAPAS and WEBTOON. 

The fairy is a holy immortal in my story world. Holy immortals are a spiritual being with physical form, and formed, not born. Their immortality manifests as an immunity to force; although their form can be impacted, they’re able to reconstitute themselves, like water after being struck. Their immortality also shows through the stasis of their mental state, as they retaining their child-like innocence and selfishness eternally. They have clairvoyant senses and are able to feel the genuineness of one’s actions and see through lies. But their simple natures means they will believe a lie if the speaker is already deceived and adamantly believes a lie to be true. Still, there is a simple way for immortals to be killed, but I’m saving that for book 7/8 :) :) :)

Because of their nature, immortals act and think differently and lead a different existence than humans, and I wanted to set them apart from humans in a way that’s not just making them superior or more advanced looking than humans. While I was designing them, I felt like clothing was one thing these simple creatures would not have needed or wanted unless they were imitating humans, and was the easiest way to totally differentiate the two, so instead I gave my fairies ornate adornments which I love drawing. Near the end of book 6 I also thought about drawing them like statues because I drew a few in recent years and liked them, and in combination with the ornaments it really made them look more like a sculptor or an artist’s work: artificial, intentional, and unchanging.

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:star: Read Carciphona, my original manga series! :star:
Carciphona book 5 cover by shilin
:star: Other art by me :star:
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I love this idea with holy immortals, it's simply great :heart: This cover is beautiful and I also adore how you came up with drawing the fairy statue-like, it's very fitting :love:
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the first volume of carciphona is finally released in Switzerland ; 0;

I love how you make jewels, their effect. (otherwise the rest is perfect XD)
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that marble like texture though. the detail you put into your work never fails to impress.
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Soooooooooooooooo beautiful!!!
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Man I forgot you had DA! Nice to see ya here :D
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Seeing this is a nice reminder to pick up some more volumes the next time I have the chance :D.
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Damn that's a beautiful cover.
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Can't wait to add this to my collection! I've read the whole thing online, but also own every chapter so far, and plan to own all the rest to come :)
Keep pushing, Shilin! You are the greatest artistic inspiration I've ever stumbled upon in all my years on the interwebz
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thank you ;-;
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прикольный тон
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I've been doing some production work lately and I can really respect the skill it takes to put together something like this. Art aside, this page pops.
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I only need one word to describe it: Wonderful!
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ooo I still need to buy #5 now I can get both >:D
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Oh wow! She looks like she's made out of marble and gold! This looks lovely!
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wow this is gorgeous!!
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I simply adore your work! Keep it up. :D
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I love the ideas behind the fairy in your world! It is very interesting to read about.
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