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Commission - Roxanne

A portrait of the client's real life friend, who is absolutely NOT NAMINE FROM KINGDOM HEARTS II

although if that would make you fave the pic or fall in love with me, go ahead and call her Namine.

texture from mayang
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I always loved this piece so much!! blushing cat blushing cat I think is my favorite drawing of all DA since forever and today I remembered it! I'm surprised I didn't have it faved, wth I was doing?? It's been a lot since 2006 but I have to also leave a comment to say that you did an AWESOME work! blushing cat Sure you did your customer so happy! pastel hearts emoji

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Good work. Flowering Vine 
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Amazing! Very talent! Congratulations! hugs XD
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very beautiful, like always.
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my poem. hopefully you like it! (sorry i used your image for the preveiw before you could reply. i know its rude... terribly sorry.)
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if you knew it was rude, why did you do it? lol ): I appreciate it if you could use another picture, thank you
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can i use this as a preveiw image for my poem? it's absolutely stunning :D
Reminds me of Tsukihime, the scene in which the Pure Ancestral princess falls to the designs of Roa.
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nice colors...!!!
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LOL love the pic it's so pretty and gentle
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It's so pretty i almost fell out my chair the picture is so breathtaking!
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SO cool! So beautiful!
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I love the sense of calm in this picture but it looks theres some sort of hidden determination in her eyes. It's amazing
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Omg.. This is so lovely.. :3
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Fantastico! Vola nei preferiti! *_____*
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Wow O_o wonderfull !!!
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