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City streets


A shot from Amongst Us #23 :D veloce's gonna find someone!! I loved colouring this panel, I made sure to set all the scenes in spots that I'd love to paint but have no good reason to LOL

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Carciphona book 5 cover by shilin

:star: Read Amongst Us, my original webtoon series! :star:

AU cover by shilin
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This is very great
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Love the perspective, the "camera" angle :) Looks really cool.

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Now this deserves to be called epic.
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I love the perspective! <3
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haha is this a jojo's reference like lol lmao haha hihi

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It's like an optical illusion.
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I think you captured the environment well, because I can feel the humid smoggy air of a city at sunset in the summer, with a faint breeze after a hot day, and everyone going home or going out.
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Does that mean a lot of these locations are real places? :O
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no i just mean general setting wise (: like city streets in this case
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Wow you did such a good job in making them believable!
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So amazing, you really caught the atmosphere of a busy city in the evening! 

I got super excited when I saw, thought a new page was released. Still this is very nice picture.

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