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I had SO MUCH FUN WITH THIS DRAWING I kinda wanna polish it to finish (yes this is a clean rough not a finished piece) but I don't know how good this would be as a print lol

When my girlfriend and I first got together, I went to NYC where she lived to visit her around christmas. Her parents didn't know about this at the time so we had nowhere to be, we just wandered the streets of nyc, which just happened to be rainy and cold as fuck, at some point we were just running from store to store for shelter from the rain and wind, but it was a very memorable time for me between us. I just wanted to draw the drenched streets again with auras of lights amidst the dark silhouettes of buildings all around and a little patch of nice sky over :D


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ooh, the puddles are so reflective
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As someone who used to live near the city, have family in the city, and currently living in the suburbs, I have a love/hate for the city (and suburbs too). It's an interesting place to travel around in, but I would never live there directly.
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Love their smiles!
FluffyLover1986's avatar
So is your GF the more serious Vel or the moar goofy BB in the relationship ?=)
shilin's avatar
we're both trolls
AzukiLemons's avatar
omg that's so sweet! and love the reflection in the puddle and the way they look at each other XD
DaPokemonMadster's avatar
Gosh the puddles on the ground are amazing.... 
Zaloffshat's avatar
I love how you reflected the buildings in the puddles, neat idea! 
AlanNights2013's avatar
[looking at the "floor"]
"When Logic stopped being a thing" xD
Insinidy's avatar
you're just so good at everything! 
samuraipeter's avatar
The reflection at the bottom adds a cool area of interest!
CharlotteSketches's avatar
I love the way you used the reflection as a perspective shot. Its so trippie and visually interesting. Great job.
CBwolf97's avatar
Very impressive
TheSuperiorKnight's avatar
To anyone else out there who might eventually wander the streets of NYC, be careful as the crime rate is terribly high, murder is considered common and quite a lot of crime happens at night. Just stay safe is what I'm saying.
Another-Eurasian's avatar
bruh I spent most of my life in NYC and I've only seen a handle of dead bodies

place is very very safe nowadays
Shokkun's avatar
wonderful as always!
Ultamisia's avatar
really lvoe the reflection at the bottom! Really well rendered
WolphStrykes's avatar
A beautiful illustration and a lovely anecdote!  

The contrast of the reflections... the soft blur of the streetlights and the clear reflection of the buildings... seems unique and breathtaking, and neatly enfold the characters into their own little world.
WILLIFINK's avatar
Really good but there's missing a texture on the ground
Lily-Ash's avatar
From the thumbnail I thought they were giants amidst a city.
ArtofBreanna's avatar
I love the expression in the characters. I can't draw digitally to save my life. I really like people who have the talent to master those tablets.
Spasticat's avatar
WOW that is really well done! Love the expression on Blackbird's face and the reflections in the puddles!
FantasyRebirth96's avatar
Nice work here! The way this looks is fantastic for reals~
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