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Carciphona book 6 page 2

the next page :D I hope I won't have to colour the archbishop's sparkly veil again in the next 6 coloured pages, or I'll regret making it sparkly so much LOL. I will post all the coloured pages I'll be doing for this volume here, but  won't post the rest of the black/white manga pages  here afterwards so you guys don't get spammed :) you can read the manga at!

Thank you for all the kind comments on the last page, and again thank you for waiting for so long for book 6 to start!


Get the art files for this drawing, like hi-res-jpg, layered psd file, steps, and full video at

follow me on tumblr or facebook for sketches in between illusts c:

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Carciphona book 5 cover by shilin
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10 outta 10 would appreciate
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There can never be enough sparkles paired with colors :D.
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I have no idea what happens since im still at vol 3 atm, but boy, am i excited to get there 
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I think that dude might be a little pissed off?
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Beautiful lighting, as always.
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Wonderful new pages *-*
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I'm going to sound all kinds of stupid, but... I had no clue that those two were related ^^; though thinking on it now it does make some sense. but now I'm kind of wondering whose the daddy, do they have the same father or are they half siblings?
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haha it was revealed on the last page of book 5!
The thing is, and that's why Keri and Wei are shocked, they were supposed to NOT be related by blood. But... maybe they aren't. We might get some explanations at some point... In vol12 because Vocruen will most likely run away again.
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Omg... bootifull <3
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