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Carciphona Vol.1 Cover

By shilin
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My manga's Volume 1 cover ver 3! at least I can be sure there won't be a ver 4 now... maybe...............

My reverse trap main charas HAHAHA. my parents and non art friends are all like THEY'RE GIRLS? NO THEY AREN'T and I'm like dude they're my charas what do you mean no

:star::star:You can always read the manga for free on here, smackjeeves and on ^^:star::star:

:star: Other art by me

:star: My art book, Toccata!

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<3<3<3 Lovely works!!
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what genre is your manga
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The girls r beautiful.
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I wouldn't mind reading this. your art is beautiful! Wish I had that much talent for digital work.  You should do a few tutorials or something. Or a speed paint.
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Um, holy flip! I wanna read it!
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i love your draws so much i can't believe it 
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I just this cover!
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saw this on inkblazers befor it shut down.
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Can I buy the volumes some where?
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maybe its because I've been around too many pretty pretty guys but I could tell they were all guys.
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I swear I had you watched before, you must've abandoned an old account. 
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yes, I made this account way back in 2003 or something (:
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Wow, I love your art style. This looks gorgeous!
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the art looks amazing!!! where can I find it ?
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thanks :D, you have an awesome style by the way
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It's wonderful seeing how your art has changed over the years.  Your Blackbird cover was good; this is beyond compare.
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