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Carciphona - Duel

Like always: Blackbird vs Veloce from my webcomic Carciphona

I always wanted to draw something with them fighting, but once again I went overboard and made it too neat/clean and lost the force it had in the rough Q__Q

I've drawn a lot of sketches of them fighting in the past but I didn't like any of them. I drew this after I realized Chopin's prelude in g#- was also called the duel which was totally appropriate, and I guess having a rhythm/pace to the fight in the form of good music helped the choreography enough to make it worth colouring.

I had contemplated making this exclusive content for the art book, but I forked my soul out in this drawing SO IM POSTING IT LMFAO. There is a 2-page spread in the book with this drawing though! and this is probably the last illus I'll be posting to promote my book, so thanks so much for your support for the preorder event! I am eternally grateful :iconcryforeverplz:

edit: :iconaeollon: suggested the sparksss


:star: Read Carciphona, my original fantasy webcomic/graphic novel (:

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Carciphona - Toccata by shilin

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Stunning work... Absolutely amazing... the details are incredible In Love In Love In Love  
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Another great piece. As usual, your work is awesome. I just came across this piece on Dyskami's website for the 4th edition of BESM. Given the whole fiasco that went down when Guardians of Order went under, leaving lots of freelance writers and artists unpaid for their work, I just wanted to be sure that 1) They are using this piece with your permission and 2) You either have already been paid or have good reason to feel the payment is forthcoming shortly. (The launching of this product via Kickstarter started a very emotion-filled thread at, with those who had personal experience with GoO's closure and written off debt being quite vehement about freelancers being wary of working for this new venture.) I wouldn't want to see you get burned, but I also wouldn't want you to miss out on a perfectly legitimate opportunity to sell your work and expand your fanbase, if there isn't actually any problems.
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Thank you! I'm glad you like my work and I appreciate your concern very much, I can only speak for myself but and rest assured they have my permission and have already paid me for the rights of usage, so no worries :D I will for sure keep their history in mind now that I have been made aware of it. 
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Very good!! drawing
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A a amaziing.. omg
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You are amazing, Shilin ♡ I'm a huge fan of your work
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Reminds me a little bit of good old Lineage. onion boy 2 
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Goals af

This is so amazing omg
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hi,just curious do you come up with these poses yourself?in your head?
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Ur art is awesome😍😍👏 I like it
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AAaah shilin i love your art so much it just feeds my imagination the most it is srsly impressive *^*la in love 
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I've read the first chapters of Carciphona and I can say that I like it Meow :3 I am also fascinated from your artworks, like the one up here, in particular from how you draw and paint the clothes: the details are absolutely stunning! Your art inspires me and I hope to learn a lot from your works :la:! I just cannot stop watching the details...Love 
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The energy in this piece is fantastic!
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super duper amazing work !!
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Are these your original Characters? They look awesome!
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