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Carciphona: Attic

By shilin
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An illustration I did back in 2012 that I never posted. I was going to save it for a future art book but as time constrain pile one after another, I honestly have no idea when I'll have time to finish another one unless it finishes itself lol ]:

I really liked how this piece turned out. It's pretty much another attempt of something like Night before the last battle by shilin which didn't turn out the way I wanted it to. I feel like in the new picture, veloce and blackbird's poses are intimate like I wanted it to be, and I liked that the clutter I love to draw actually looked relevant to where they are. It's rare that things go exactly the way I want them to go when it comes to drawing but this is one of the rare few and I was happy ;-; I would say now I can move on to the next subject in peace but I can probably draw a whole book of them cuddling and not get bored so HAHA

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Carciphona 4 preorder by shilin

:star::star:Carciphona Volume 4 available for preorder now!:star::star:

Volume 4 of my original series, Carciphona, is finally printed and available for preorder :D The story is always free to read at , but the printed book includes much higher quality graphics, reading fluidity, as well as bonus stories for those who would like to support my continuation of this project!

Preorder here:…

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:star: Other art by me :star:
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Haha, don't we all know the feeling when something doesn't come out as we visualize? I'm happy to know you're satisfied with this piece though, because it's indeed great! Speaking of the cluttered room, I also like how they're a tangled mess of limbs themselves. 
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It's yuri XD ?
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I know I own this poster in real life and all, but after getting a new laptop with a non-reflective screen and better resolution, I'm really just enjoying your paintings even more. They're now the perfect wallpapers. Its one of the more passive joys of this laptop~
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thank you ;-;
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(tinypic is the only simple image-sharing way i know of)
ive also noticed that all my favorite paintings and works from you share the same kind of color palette, with the red tones and golden accents and bright whites, on top of dark, all of them from Carciphona, so i have a challenge of sorts if you feel like trying
can you see which paintings (or cover) these palettes are made of?
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sorry but I don't have time for stuff like this xD
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wow, your work is amazing, congratulans! 
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If you really did make an entire book of Veloce and Blackbird cuddling, I would SO read that
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Snuggle game strong
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WAIT! is a man or is a woman?
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they're both girls
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Why is Blackbird's hand covered with those black swirls?
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I like this painting very relaxing
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Having read your comic so far this does not seem like an all too likely scenario XD
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You've probably been asked this like eighty times over, but, what programs do you use to make your art?
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photoshop (:
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