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It’s your choice whether to let your misfortune burden you, or let it empower you.

Even though Veloce is best known for being a powerful magic user, I noticed that I rarely draw her using magic, both in illustrations and in the manga... she's seen as a swordsman all the time and she prefers fighting physically without/with minimal magic, whereas the normal route of progression for the advancement of sorcery for most people is to rely on their physical capabilities less and their mental capabilities more until they don't need their bodies to facilitate magic at all. I guess it was a result born of practicality, given the story setting of the prohibition and where it puts her, but because of this we end up seeing/I end up drawing very little of that side of her character.

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The art, title, and not text fit incredibly well for a character of mine. This might have actually influenced how I made this characters aesthetic as I found it in a music video years.