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Blackbird - Immortal



:star: Read Carciphona, my original fantasy webcomic/graphic novel (:

:star: Other art by me
Carciphona website layout by shilin Night before the last battle by shilin Ragnarok Online - Sepia by shilin

:star: My art book, Toccata!
Carciphona - Toccata by shilin

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FantasyRebirth96's avatar
Really amazing looking like seriously! Nice going! Say how do you do an action scene? Any ideas?
Lies-of-Benevolence's avatar
ive seen you draw them having a duel in some sort of clock im guessing thats the battle ground finale
shilin's avatar
Lies-of-Benevolence's avatar
hmm ok i will wait until the time comes
deathbychocolatedp's avatar
love it! the clock, the destruction, the sword, the expression! perfect!
SocQA's avatar
Wonderful art :) Just took a quick look around Carciphona, your blog, etc. Very, very nice :) Gotta read that manga, sounds very interesting :)
Is this really Blacbird ? She look a lot like Veloce...
shilin's avatar
it's veloce, this was back when the manga was titled blackbird
Oh, I see ! Sorry, haha ! ^^ Anyway, thanks for the reply ! :3

I love the manga and all of your art ! Really awesome. (Specially the Veloce/Blackbird images :3)
LordKaniche's avatar
I don't know if it's a guy or a girl, but with coreans these days who knows

haha kidding

really nice art, pal

luv it :3
This is a girl. :P
thepolishgirl's avatar
Anadia-Chan's avatar
How long does it take you on average for a piece like this? :)
shilin's avatar
anywhere between 10-40 hours!
Anadia-Chan's avatar
Okay thanks! I guess it depends on the detail, right? :)
TFSakon's avatar
Beautiful intricacies. They look so delicate with the lighting.
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geliqueguerra's avatar
I really really like Veloce!, to the fact that i made my account here just to write a comment in this awesome one,and also i want to cosplay Veloce,though i dont have such pretty face(cry,cry)the problem is i dont know the full details of her clothes and her wig is kinda hard to find^^!
ramses-kai's avatar
This woman has balls!la-gladius (greek) la-gladius (greek) la-gladius (greek) 
Amelis342's avatar
omg that amazing o_o
KaenBlue's avatar
she's beautiful and cool! <3
MrsCallaghan's avatar
... give me your talent xC
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