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so many spambots on this page ;_;

Done in Photoshop CS (since people keep asking) with a tablet.
many many hours between school spent. This began 1 month ago. the original abandoned attempt began in june.
This is Veloce Visrin, from my online manga, Blackbird renamed Carciphona.

:star::star: Carciphona, my original fantasy webcomic/manga is available in print in my bookshop! :star::star:

:star: Other art by me
Carciphona Vol.1 Cover by shilin Blackbird - Immortal by shilin You're always so rude by shilin

:star: My art book, Toccata!
Carciphona - Toccata by shilin

| carciphona | art blog | tumblr | twitter | shop (manga, artbook, prints) |
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;_;+fav don't mind me just lurking 
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omg, a lot time ago, I saw this picture on internet, and I found it sooo pretty! but i didn't know who was the artist, and if there was a manga about this one.. now I found who the artist was...Your work is stunning!!!
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By jury we'll fall.
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Great Image

Fernando Coutinho
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Seeing this picture reminds me that it is like 4 months ago since i last
checked this manga...
Alright it's settled; i am gonna read the last few volumes this evening!
Thank you again for this MAGNIFICENT art and for the story! :O
Those are both true masterpieces! :squee
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thank you  for the kind words!! I hope you will enjoy it!
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Remarkable art!
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nice! I love the soft colors and the details ~
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Really nice atmosphere and details! Heart 
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wow , indeed,:shocked:

we should celebrate for this awesome photo  :party: 

i’m happy i BUMPED into this :squee:

I can’t even :+devwatch: 
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+fav This is one of my most favourite. I adore your work+favlove . Thank you very much to share with us your talent:doublehug: revamp 
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I remember seeing this in a YouTube video years past. I think it was for a Two Steps From Hell piece. A truly magnificent piece, this portrait.
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I don't mean to ruin the name, but in Latin, "basilica" means "court" or "jury". 
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There's a video on youtube with your artwork as a background. I didn't know if they had your permission or not, I just wanted to let you know it's there.…
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OMG soo lucky to get this print in person!
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Stunning work you have here peep! :clap:
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This is so beautiful! I remember the first time I saw this in google images years and years ago and now I finally found the artist! It is really amazing, especially how you could paint her lying in water. :)
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