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(this entire concept is sput together so that i can paint drapery eheheh)


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and another year goes by that i wont see a piece as complex as this finished great just great
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I'm curious what different cultures influence the fashions and styles of the characters in Carciphona. There's definitely a lot of Baroque swirls and curves in Veloce's armor, but when I tried comparing Blackbird's unique tunic to both traditional Chinese and Japenese garments, including those of warriors from both cultures, nothing really stood out as similar, so I'm wondering if it's more loosely inspired and not a traditional cultural design she's wearing. And I really hope I'm not being offensive by saying that, please forgive me if I am.
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blackbird's clothes are asian, although probably a mix of chinese/japanese/korean than strictly any of them alone, since they all are quite similar in their basic way look of folding one side of cloth over the other, lack of buttons, etc (:
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Awesome! Thought so. I love the detail you put into all the different outfits.
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The color, the structure of this piece is simply amazing. 
How are you sooo good on drapery? I crush and burn when I get to it.
Do you have a detailed tutorial on drapery? I desperately need it. 
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I don't, but if you google famous artists course: drapery, there is a blogspot post of some really good guides! most of what I know from drapery is from drawing it so much because i love it haha
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Thank you so much from the advice :).
so pretty!!! i can feel the angst from here. I LOVE IT
quick question: do you use other media besides digital? 
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I draw my comic pages in pencil on paper before scanning them in to tone on photoshop; other than that no!
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this is so gorgeous i can't even
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Whoa, your art always takes my breath away
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woww..what a really mad skill you got there miss! Really like how to draw the leaves patterns! Are those characters in your comic? i really want to read it! Hehehe :D. I'm really curious with something, when you color your art, did you really put the color theory in it such as complementary and analogous color theory? Because when i tried to apply it too (like yellow analogous with oink/red) for skin color for example, it looks weird? Sorry for random question  and hope more many people will notice and amazed by your beautiful works in future too!
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they are characters from my comic!

I try to take colour theory into account when I am making colour and lighting decisions. Colour theory is logical to learn, but it's difficult to apply well at first. You will get more used to its application by 1) trying really hard and failing a lot and 2) deconstructing existing photos and artwork and trying to figure out how colour theory works with the colours within those pieces.
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It looks so stunning. Absolutely awesome :love::love::love:
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I like the fabric colors a lot, and the intricate gold design. The dynamic poses you use for characters make me excited to see each next piece you put out whether it's a sketch or completed illustration. The top of Black Bird's boot closest to us looks a little thick in comparison with it's fit on the rest of her leg and thigh size - but that could just be the unfinished angle it's set at or it's just loose on top. Thank you for sharing great work and I wish you increasing success~
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I truly can't tell these two things,
Is Blackbird a girl? And are they enemies or friends?
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they're both girls and they're just the subjects I use for everything, so don't think of them as having the same relationship in every piece I draw (: I always change them to whatever I feel like drawing outside of their canon story
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Ah, I got it. Thank you! They both look badass, btw.
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This is beautiful ;A;;
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love the color and the detail :)
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Magnificiant as always dearling !!! *o*
Cannot wait to have enough to buy your fourth volume by the way *.*
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