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A painting of my characters Veloce and Blackbird from my original manga, Carciphona, in an ~ * a l t e r n a t e   u n i v e r s e * ~

I did the original sketch like 2 years ago and finally got around to finish it HAHAHA.... just gotta do this for like 20 other sketches _(┐「ε: )_ I remember when I picked it back up I was thinking "how appropriate, an autumn picture for autumn" and now we're in the depths of winter L O L ;;;;;

This also took an eternity to finish, all my livestreams from december were on this picture, and then christmas/new year's happened and paralyzed my work, but I am so glad this is done so I can move on LMAO.

I'm continuing to learn what I can do with painting and how to use saturated colours, to the point where I miss painting with outlines and just doing what feels good to me rather than trying really hard to do things properly. But this phase is necessary for me to improve when I do go back to colouring however I feel like so r I P....

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:star: Read Carciphona, my original manga series! :star:
Carciphona Vol.1 Cover by shilin

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I love your work. Helped me to overcome a trauma. Thank you so much for your effort.

Remember: don't need to be perfect. Only good and kind. <3

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I like so much about this picture. I'm really glad to have seen it.
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This is simply beautiful! Love the colors! 
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oh god this piece is too perfect for my eyes Q_Q
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wow this is amazing I found you through Baylee Jae on youtube and im glad i did your art is amazing
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This is like a dream!
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Something about this is just totally beautiful and magic <3
I really like this characters, too *3*
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I... I juts love it! I love how the details get less, I lvoe the subtle foreground, the light, I love MOTORBIKES, and I LOVE the IDea of depicting a motorbike scene in autumn (beside that the autumny mood really come through!). great!
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Beautiful art! I tried to find this on Tumblr to reblog it to… , but it was accompanied with art that doesn't fit my Tumblr's sfw policy. Is there a post that's just this art? If not, could I repost this art on my Tumblr? I will credit you and there will be a link to this page.
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my art can be found on my own tumblr at
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Oh. I found it! Thanks for the link! i shouldn't have given up on looking for it. :) I also reblogged another post on your Tumblr. ^^
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I love the mix of how serene and warm it feels in this seasonal piece. Gives meh chills!
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I really love this one, So glad I got it!
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This is amazing!
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Aw this is so cute. And such a beautiful background too <3
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so much detail :shocked: 
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They are so cute! Love the details. 
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