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Amongst Us 8.
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This felt like an anime opening when I was drawing it LOL.

Blackbird and Veloce don't actually live together and have vastly different family backgrounds. They have one thing in common and that is music, but what music meant to each of them and their attitudes about music are night and day. This is just a little dip into the story between them, you'll find out more about their history in the (distant) future :D

I like to pretend they're playing the Handel-Halvorsen passacaglia www.youtube.com/watch?v=EOTykA…


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Amongst Us is an alternate universe slice of life setting of my manga, Carciphona.
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AU cover by shilin

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Carciphona book 5 cover by shilin
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Comments (17)
KatManga03's avatar
KatManga03|Hobbyist Digital Artist
I just love how Blackbird looks like she’s rocking the violin
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TopHatBigPencil's avatar
TopHatBigPencil|Hobbyist General Artist
Aww! <3 This was very cute!
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Taga-kun's avatar
Taga-kun|Hobbyist General Artist
I love these two so much, it's so nice seeing people in love with their hobbies.
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SeasideDreamer's avatar
brilliant  <3
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RebellingLemming|Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Great art!
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ZehKafeina's avatar
when you'r husbando is a violin
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DeadlyCookie98's avatar
With this setup and how you described their relationship to music I do wonder under what circumstances they met.
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Ghost-Studio-Devs's avatar
I like this concept and execution.
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KevinPSB4's avatar
KevinPSB4|Professional Digital Artist
Felt like a great opening and I want to know about them right away.
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DeadCobra's avatar
This is well made
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spikedpsycho's avatar
"GONNA FUCK.......Pluck every string"
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kyo4kusanagi's avatar
kyo4kusanagi|Professional Digital Artist
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Fedora-Will's avatar
Fedora-Will|Hobbyist General Artist
It's so good!!!
I love this!
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Vixenkiba's avatar
Vixenkiba|Hobbyist General Artist
Loving the focus on instruments in this comic, this hits very close to home, haha! Time to give those instruments a good tune <3

Epic poses and perspectives in this update as well! The last panel would make an amazing poster too :D
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mahoushou-nen's avatar
mahoushou-nen|Hobbyist Digital Artist

I wish it would be an anime ;_;
They are so perfect together, everything about this is perfect!!
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