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Amongst Us #37. Overthinking


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And the game they're playing is final carciphona 14 online of course :^)


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Zorbonaut's avatar

Wait, are they playing the RPG version of the original fantasy comic?

hrhtomas's avatar

Mildly amused to see Stone Cold Veloce owns kitty slippers.

In Veloce's situation, I'd probably have the same train of thoughts...

But seriously, standing in AoEs, what a noob. Tssk.

Looking forward to her doing that in the main series haha (or maybe not...)

Membasis's avatar

Yeez, Carciphona Online, where can I register? :D

sayossie's avatar

"Isn't that imposing?"

"Who even thinks like that!"

People with depression and low self image. Very relatable.

FirestarterFumei's avatar

Lol, Kris is hilarious!

enigmaticworld's avatar

That looks and sounds like they're playing FFXIV lmao... subligar armor included

SerialLackey's avatar

I love it... :heart: :heart: Veloce is such a special, unique character!!!

fakkii2000's avatar

OMG that is too funny

DeathofInk's avatar

Wait a minute, does this imply the cast of Carciphona are just characters in a video game being controlled by the cast of Amongst Us?!

meridiancore's avatar

Dude, this one single comic strip relates SO MUCH to my friend, I HAD to sent it to him immediately! He's even the one that got me into FFXIV four years ago (and have been addicted to since haha).

Kris, my man, if only there were more people like you x'D

CMVreud's avatar

This is...



Me fail the words I so longingly need to say what I mean when I form a sentence about the current situation.

Athems's avatar

That's why my brother prefers being a dragoon :P

The-Realm-Eternal's avatar

Veloce is such a mood.

AmyNChan's avatar

rip to Veloce. XD

Ridaine's avatar

Veloce is the black mage of my white mage nightmares

Knowledgeseeker01's avatar

Overthink is never a good thing. Neither is underthinking.

koveras-alvane's avatar

But striking the right balance there is the hardest thing as far as cognitive tasks go.

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